Anupama 25th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 25th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama updates the Shahs on Pakhi’s decision not to return to the office and her suggestion to have Adhik take over her project. Toshu expresses his frustration, stating that those who deserve punishment are being rewarded instead. Anupama reminds everyone that Sweety’s opinion doesn’t hold much weight, and whatever Anuj decides will be final. Hasmukh chimes in, saying that just like good times, bad times will also pass. Kinjal suggests inviting Pakhi for a few days during the upcoming Raksha Bandhan festival. Leela agrees, mentioning that it would bring happiness into their lives. Dimpy, ignoring Anu, walks by but is greeted politely by Anu. Dimpy responds rudely and upon noticing the lights on the ground floor, questions why there is no power upstairs.

Leela inquires about the payment of her side’s electric bill. She questions why she should be responsible when there is only one meter for the entire house. Anupama clarified that a separate meter was installed for the first floor, where they built rooms for their kids. Dimpy angrily accuses Anupama of intentionally not telling her about this change because she enjoys causing trouble for her. Vanraj interjects to mention that Samar is aware of the new meter. Despite this, Dimpy continues to yell and demands that they pay the bill since Samar is currently at work. Anupama suggests that since Dimpy has decided to live separately, she should handle the bill herself. Dimpy retaliates by calling her in-laws heartless. In response, Anupama reminds Dimpy that she suddenly remembered she has in-laws and advises her to inform Samar to pay the bill online. Seething with anger, Dimpy storms out of the room. Leela expresses her sympathy towards the children having to face such issues. To this, Anupama urges Leela to stay strong.

Pakhi prepares cake. Romil walks into the kitchen. Pakhi asks about his college days. Romil says he didn’t. Pakhi asks if he wants cake. Romil says she prepared it for her husband, so why is she offering it to her? She asks why she tolerates her husband’s nonsense. Pakhi says she eloped and had a love marriage against her family’s wishes and doesn’t want to disappoint them. Romil says she’s doing it for the family.

She nods in agreement, she loves Adhik and he does as well. In the same way, cigarettes and alcohol are addictions, Romil says physical abuse is also. If he is proven right, she can continue with him, but should raise her voice if he raises his hand again. When Anupama returns home, she is delighted to see their bonding. He promises to protect her.

Upon arriving home, Samar attempts to turn on the AC, but is stopped by someone who points out that using a fan may suffice since the electric company charges exorbitant fees. Samar questions whether this person had been aware earlier, as it would have changed their discussion on partition. Anupama notices Pakhi embracing Adhik’s shirt and ponders on a woman’s longing for love from her parents, siblings, and spouse. Approaching them, Anupama inquires about Pakhi’s actions. Pakhi explains she is folding Adhik’s clothes and putting them away in the closet. Anupama recalls how Pakhi used to simply stuff her own clothes in and they would fall out whenever she opened the closet. Dimpy interjects with a playful jab about Anupama frequently bringing up Adhik.

Dimpy is finally feeling relaxed now that the power is back on after paying the bills. Samar reminds her that expenses tend to increase when they purchase items at retail prices, but thankfully, they don’t have to worry about such things when they’re with family. He suggests that Dimpy should apologize to her family and go back to living with them. Dimpy angrily retorts that he’s acting more like a son of the family than her own husband. She refuses to apologize and instead instructs him to remember to turn off the lights whenever he leaves, use the washing machine and AC sparingly, and inform her whenever he plans on eating outside or with family in order to avoid wasting food. Samar simply smiles and mentions how Leela used to say the same things, but Dimpy always ignored her. As she continues to yell at him, Samar thinks that a wife can yell as much as she wants, but a husband can’t even speak a word without facing consequences. Meanwhile, Dimpy is convinced that Anupama and her family are plotting against her in an attempt to snatch Samar away from her; however, she refuses to give up without a fight.

Anupama lovingly braids Pakhi’s hair and reminds her of the special bond between a mother and daughter. She expresses concern for Pakhi, unable to overlook what she witnessed. Pakhi reveals that Vanraj had been mentally abusing her for years, but she chose to forgive him. Anupama believes that not standing up for oneself in a battle is cowardice, but she fought back and then forgave Vanraj to move forward. She encourages Pakhi to speak up if she is going through any mental torture, assuring her that there is nothing to fear in terms of their relationship or love, or even Adhik. Pakhi assures her that there is no need to worry about any of those things.

Anupama asks if adhik forces her. Pakhi asks how she can ask this from her daughter. Anupama replies, if she wouldn’t hesitate to answer a doctor, why take a mother for granted? Pakhi asks if she wants to make her daughter feel awkward. According to Anupama, her body and soul belong to her and should be handed over to someone according to her wishes, and no one has the right to touch her without her consent.


When Anupama gave a second chance to Anuj, Pakhi asked why I can’t do the same for my husband. Barkha taunts Romil that this house is not a charitable organization. Barkha angrily punches Romil. Anupama stops her and says provoking a child and then hitting him is wrong. Romil says she should be ashamed of her husband’s brother.


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