Anupama 14th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 14th June 2023, written update on

Vanraj over the phone shows his concern for Kavya and advises on her diet. Leela walks in and checks on him to make sure he’s okay. Vanraj says he became a father thrice before, but this time it feels like it’s the first time. Leela asks if he can handle this responsibility at this age. He says when he can follow the responsibility of his house, he can follow this responsibility as well.

Vanraj says it’s neither right nor wrong. Leela says she is worried about his and Kavya’s relationship as a couple used to forget their differences once a baby was born during her days, but Kavya doesn’t want to return. Vanraj says he will wait for Kavya. As Leela says, it’s fine then; at this age, she’ll also be ready to become a grandmother.

As Toshu plays with Pari, he says she must be bored, so he will get his sibling via Vanraj and her own sibling as soon as possible. Hearing that, Kinjal gets angry and packs her bag. Toshu asks why she packed her bag. Kinjal says she is leaving because either she or his second child will stay in this house. She wants to end the topic here.

When Vanraj can be a father again, he says, why shouldn’t he; Kavya and Vanraj fought as well. There is a difference between their fight and ours, Kinjal says, she is here only for Pari and his family, and not him, since she is sharing a room with him. After performing the pooja, she asks him to change Pari’s clothes while she walks away.

Kanta tells Bhavesh they should prepare pickles and papads for Anupama as she will depart for America soon. Bhavesh jokes. Kanta runs behind to hit him. Bhavesh hides behind Anupama. Anupama laughs. The answer to Bhavesh’s question is why she is happy. As a child, she dreamed of learning dance with Malti Devi and is honored by her. As Samar’s wedding is over, Kanta says Malti Devi gave her a big responsibility, so she should follow it diligently and not worry about Shahs.

Anupama reassures Kanta that her responsibilities towards her children are ongoing. However, Kanta cautions her against falling for Leela’s manipulations. According to Anupama, Leela is currently feeling fearful. Kanta reminds her that Leela’s harmful words often cause trouble and advises her to control her tongue in order to maintain positive relationships. She urges Anupama not to pity Leela for her wrongdoings. Anupama tries to calm her down, but Kanta becomes emotional at the thought of leaving them soon. In a touching moment, Anupama embraces Kanta as she expresses her emotions. Despite this, Kanta reminds Anupama that they must prepare for the conference as Bhairavi has already departed. She expresses a wish to attend the conference herself, if possible. However, Anupama reminds her that she should prioritize attending her doctor’s appointment first.

A pooja is performed by Leela at the tulsi plant. She feels happy seeing Kinjal already doing one. She criticizes Dimpy for sleeping late and comments that she couldn’t sleep all night because of Dimpy’s snoring and jokes that Samar will suffer sleepless nights as well. As Dimpy heard that, he said Samar would also adjust, like Hasmukh who tolerated Leela’s nonsense. Their argument begins. Neighbors pass by and congratulate Leela on her new daughter-in-law. Leela expresses displeasure.

As Kinjal says, Leela wants them to attend the muh dikhayi/face-revealing ceremony of her new daughter-in-law and bless her. Neighbors say they will and walk away. Leela and Dimpy argue. Kinjal tries to calm them down. Dimpy misbehaves even with Kinjal. Leela warns her about how to treat elders. Dimpy insists on going to the kitchen and preparing for muh dikhayi.

Leela asks Kinjal if she will also leave her like Anupama did. Kinjal recalls her decision to leave Shah house after Samar’s marriage, but promises never to leave Leela again. Barkha tells Dimpy that her and Leela’s Mahabharat has already begun, so she must remain strong and brave against Leela.

Anuj notices Malti Devi’s press conference news in a news paper and feels proud of Anupama. He recites a poem describing how he wishes to see her rise to success. When Little Anu calls him, he attends her. Anupama excitedly gets ready for the conference and reaches the gurukul excitedly. Maaya checks news papers and tears them angrily when she sees Anupama’s news.

An encouraging song plays in the background as she recalls all her journey from being a doormat for the Shah family to becoming Malti Devi’s successor. Seeing Anupama, Gurumaa introduces her to the media. Reporters take her pictures. Gurumaa calls Anupama to her. She touches Gurumaa’s feet. Gurumaa blesses her to refine her skills. She discusses a guru-student bonding and says she found her ideal student in Anupama.


She performs on Jab Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya.. song. Anuj watches her. Anupama swears she will not do anything which will cause Gurumaa to repent for her decision.


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