Anupama 18th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Shruti Confronts Anupama and Toshu Faces Anuj’s Wrath

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Anupama 18th February 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama heard Shruti say she used to make fun of everyone at the college and didn’t feel bad because it was a joke. She states that yesterday, life joked with her, and she tried to make herself understand, but she felt terrible. She says sorry. Anupama says sorry. Shruti says AK…I mean Anuj. Anupama says your AK. I wonder if he’s mine.

Shruti says I thought Anupama was in his past, but now I know Anupama is in his city, heart, and memories, and you are Anupama. As you were Joshi Ben, she said, I would have cried keeping my head on your shoulder if Anupama was someone else. She says she wishes I had never met you. In her opinion, if I hadn’t met you, I wouldn’t have met your AK either.

In the car, Toshu is scared. Anuj gives him a soft drink. Toshu drinks and thanks him for saving his life. As he reads your name, Paritosh Shah, on the charge sheet, he realizes it is you and who else is on that charge sheet. Toshu asks if you met Mummy and why and when. He says Anu told him you were somewhere in the US.

Taking offense, Anuj asks if you came to the US to make your life or ruin it and that it is none of your business. He says if you didn’t know that the laws are strict here, you wanted to bond with my company with your criminal partners. Toshu says I didn’t see the company was yours. If it hadn’t been for the company being mine, you would have been imprisoned along with your criminal partners.

As a result, Toshu cannot find a job, and they cannot survive without Kinjal. He asks if Anuj knows about you. Toshu says don’t tell. He hasn’t been to India for five years and isn’t talking to them. He says I’m a victim and helpless. Anuj says you are a donkey, but actually, you’re not a donkey, as donkeys work hard as well. He says it seems to be a family issue that you are a victim. He says this time, I saved you, but next time, I will drag you to the police.

Kavya asks Dimpy to sit beside Baa, Babu ji, and Kavya. Babu says whatever Titu said, we’re thinking about it. Baa says it’s good that Vanraj was not home. He says whatever happens will happen according to your wish. Dimpy asks what to say. He says Titu has something for you in his heart, and Dimpy wonders what to say.

Babu Ji asks her to make the wise decision and says you do not know Titu well. He asks if we have allowed them to talk and tells her how they will get along. Baa blames Dimpy for provoking him to bring the alliance. She says Vanraj will never approve of this alliance. Babu Ji asks if Titu brought him an alliance. Pakhi hears them. She smiles. Kavya tells her to forget whatever people say and to tell him if she has anything for him. Baa and Babu ji become tense. Pakhi is shocked.

Anupama says Choti hates me, and her hatred might have increased after this. She says I’m glad you’re with Anuj and Choti/Aadhya. As Shruti says, I didn’t know until then, but I saw respect, care, and love in their eyes, but they missed something I knew. In her view, we were incomplete as you completed us, and the truth is that you were always there, always between us.

Toshu asks Anuj for his correct CV and gives him his business card. He says he will look into it. Toshu thanks him for offering help. He then asks him to forget Mummy. He says she is selfish and getting closer to her boss. He asks him to shut up and not interfere with her personal life. Toshu leaves.

Her name is on her soul, and she has loved him all her life, but they will never get back together, Anupama tells Shruti. She is Anuj’s past and her present, she tells Shruti. Anupama says there is no guarantee, but she says you are good for them. He says Aadhya, Shruti, and AK will complete their studies someday.

Aadhya hates you, and Anuj loves you. Shruti asks if you don’t want anything from them. Anupama says she doesn’t want anything from them. Shruti says I didn’t love Anuj at first, but seeing his love forced me to love him, which will also happen to you. Shruti says nobody in your heart, but you are in his heart. Anupama tells her to make her love big like a mountain. Shruti asks how both of you are so deeply connected.

Ishani gets angry at Pakhi. Dimpy comes to her rescue. Pakhi blames her for liking Titu when she gets close to him, and they become friends. Dimpy says he didn’t know. She says I will decide this story, present and future. Pakhi tells her she likes Tapish, and if he doesn’t become mine, I won’t let him become yours either. Dimpy is shocked.

Anupama says we came closer, and life took us far. Shruti says you have to tell me what made you separate from him. She asks why to talk about such stuff. Shruti cries and says she is clueless and doesn’t know what to say, but she wants to know why AK loves you so much. I want a reason to hate you.

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