Anupama 12th March 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

When Anupama asks Little Anu if Maaya has spoken against them, Little Anu convinces her that she is fine and will be going to Disneyland after staying with Maaya for a few days. Anuj asks to speak to Maaya. Maaya tells Little Anu to say goodnight to Anuj and Anupama and then go and sleep in her room.

Anuj accuses Maaya of kidnapping and not informing him or showing a court order. He has vowed to find her and take revenge, She apologizes, which Anuj dismisses, demanding only that Anu be returned. Maaya insists that no one can keep them apart and points out that Anuj and Anupama have each other, she only has her daughter to rely on; she reminds them that just as she cannot get Anuj so also they cannot take Little Anu.

Anuj implores Maaya to bring Little Anu home. She refuses, pointing out his lack of power against her. Barkha chimes in with a warning not to make light of the horrible situation Maaya endured. Dimpy adds that to show respect one should bow, not kiss their cheek. Ankush threatens legal action. Maaya mocks their attempts at intimidation by reminding them that it is not an offence to take her own daughter and it will be illegal for them if they take Little Anu away.

Anupama beseeches Maaya to bring her daughter home, imploring her that if she truly desired to take Little Anu somewhere, there were more respectable ways of doing so; she is unaware of how Maaya coaxed the child away yet recognizes that she cannot remain without her mother. She explains that a mother can never be selfish; however, Maaya seems to only contemplate herself and what would make her happy. She laments at the fact that nothing has been taken into consideration regarding Little Anu’s well-being or joy. Tears streaming down her face, Anupama stresses that the girl needs both of her parents and painfully acknowledges how Maaya will induce tears instead of solace.

Maaya reminds Anupama that she kicked her out of the house. Anupama said as a mother she gave her rights over her daughter but she could not give rights over her husband; she allowed her to stay for a day after she eyed her husband, which any other woman would not have done; her shameless acts have led to her current situation.

Maaya declares Anupama responsible for losing their daughter and refuses to address the issue any further, saying she plans to take Little Anu away with her. Anuj protests, adamantly insisting he will not let her go. In response, Anupama laments that she is already gone. Barkha, Dimple, Ankush and even Anuj himself join in pleading with Maaya to honour a mother’s request to at least see Little Anu one last time – an acknowledgement of Maaya’s position of authority in the matter. Despite being speechless at these pleas, Anuj remains adamant in his stance towards Maaya.

Maaya promises to let them meet Little Anu one last time. If they try to manipulate Little Anu, Maaya promises to take legal action – she will obtain court orders and take Little Anu at any cost. Anupama agrees.

Anuj remembers Little Anu telling him that she would stay with Maaya from now on.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama spend time with Little Anu and bid her a tearful farewell and send her with Maaya.

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