Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th March 2023 Written Update

Manjiri asks how Abhimanyu is. Mahima says he lost a lot of blood, but the kids’ prayers worked. Manjiri and Aarohi want to take him home and take care of him. Mahima agrees. Manjiri says come home soon, Abhi. Manish says his name is Abhimanyu, surrounded by Chakravyuh. Dadi prays for him. Abhir says your prayer was answered. Dadi warns him not to go out alone again.

Akshara urges Abhir not to go alone. Apologizing, he says he needs his medicines. She replies that he should get her purse first. Muskaan requests him to join her. Abhinav insists on fetching Akshara’s purse himself–pointing out that it contains her world and he wouldn’t dare leave it. Akshara tries to argue with him, but he ends the conversation saying they will talk later, before walking away with teary eyes. He then gets a call from Neela where she enquires about his and Akshara’s relationship.

Abhi tells her there is no network and disconnects the call. He departs. Aarohi thinks about Manjiri asking Akshara about her relationship with Abhimanyu. Shefali requests her to grin as Abhimanyu will come back home soon. Aarohi admits she shouldn’t go ahead with this engagement. Shefali inquires, ascertaining everything is settled between Abhimanyu and Akshara; she should not worry, since Akshara would have proceeded onward quickly in that circumstance. Aarohi expresses her distress regarding the occurrence. Manjiri suggests she marry Abhimanyu, considering even Akshara will leave one day; rather, she should concentrate on her life, and demand her rights, or else she won’t acquire what is rightfully hers and inform Akshara about her wants.

In the hospital, Abhinav takes Akshara’s purse. Abhinav then visits Abhimanyu and says that if a man is happy, then even air is like medicine, but medicine is also like air, you stay happy, you get well soon. Abhinav takes the purse and turns to leave. The purse gets stuck there. Abhimanyu holds the purse and stops him. Abhinav looks at him.

Aarohi comes to Akshara and requests that she should leave Udaipur. Aarohi adds that if Akshara has Abhimanyu this time, Ruhi would be heartbroken and thus pleads with her to move away. She implores both Akshara and Abhimanyu to accept their fate as it is and respect the respective paths of their futures. Aarohi says she does not want Roohi to loose her father again.

Abhimanyu begs him to return him his happiness, claiming Akshara is his happiness. Abhinav watches in shock. Abhimanyu once again pleads for his beloved while Abhinav scolds him.

He reminds him he is her husband and tells Abhimanyu he’s being forgiven as they believe he is not in his senses but warns him not to say anything bad about Akshara. Abhimanyu insists decency, not love, is the hardest to forget. Abhinav then states Akshara is his wife’s name. His love also happens to be called Akshu.

As Aarohi requests them to leave, Akshara intervenes and asks for a minute.

Abhinav makes clear that although there was love in the past, he has no right of thinking about her now. Abhimanyu acknowledges it may be wrong but points out there is nothing inherently correct or incorrect in matters of the heart. They proceed to bicker over this statement.

I am asking what fate has stolen from me, Abhimanyu says, and Abhinav says you are asking what fate has given me. Abhimanyu says I love Akshara and will never stop loving her. Abhinav says you are calling your rigidity and failure love. The truth is, you have come between us, she still loves me, whether you and Akshara agree with this or not, you call my love my failure and rigidity but my Akshu belongs to Abhi.

The precap:

Akshara tells Abhimanyu that she does not love him. Abhimanyu says your heart knows the truth. Abhinav looks on.

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