Faltu 8th November 2022 written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Ayaan called Dadi to enquire about the date of marriage, who then urged him to speak with his mother. Dadi proceeded to tell Ayaan about the problem concerning his date of birth and their secret. Subsequently, this memory of his conversation with his father surfaced, wherein Janardhan said he wanted to play cricket and he had been selected for the national cricket team. Janardhan offered for him to leave the house; if Ayaan was his own son, he would not have rejected him. He then revealed that he was not actually Ayaan’s biological father as he married his mother when she was pregnant and kindly gave them both his name. Thus, Janardhan justified choosing cricket over him by stating this fact.

In tears, he runs to the desert. Recalling his father, he calms himself down and calls Savita. Savita tells him about their secret and cries. Ayaan assures her that everything will be alright. Sumitra hears their conversation and becomes suspicious.

Pratap tells Faltu that she needs a coach to play better next time. She practices in the desert until late. Ayaan sees them practising and coaches Anmol. He improves Faltu’s stance, which leads her to play better shots. Pratap scolds her at home. Ratan and Kaki scold her. Ratan also says Charan should not work outside the guesthouse.

Faltu and Pappi announce their marriage.

Faltu arranges a food stall for Ayaan to mingle with the villagers. After eating the food, Ayaan wonders what if they walk away. Pappi’s goon sees them together and informs him.

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