Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd January 2023 Written Episode Update


Sahiba’s wisdom is repeated by Seerat: beauty can’t be measured by the external appearance. Brars are impressed. It gives Seerat great pleasure to think that Sahiba’s words of wisdom are helping her. Angad says she is right, but does happiness vary from person to person? Seerat says she didn’t understand his question. Angad asks how she defines happiness.

As Seerat recalls Sahiba’s words, spending time with her family is a real source of happiness for her; nothing matters to her more than the happiness of her family. When Mandeep asks what her father does, Seerat lies that they have an international travel company and have started a platform for local arts. Gurleen says Seerat looks perfect for Angad. Gurleen believes she is right; she comes from a good family and was sent by God. Jasleen thinks Seerat is acting well.

Gurleen asks Angad if his question and answer session is over yet. Veer says surely Angad has more questions. Angad asks one last question and asks if she wants to change anything about herself. Despite her desire to change her entire life, Seerat recalls Sahiba’s advice that she has learned a lot from the difficulties, and uses them as an example for her future.

Gurleen tells Mandeep that Seerat gave spot-on answers to Angad’s questions and they are deeming brass as gold. Jasleen has plans of avenging Brars and Garry for denigrating her. Mandeep inquires with Seerat if her parents can come here tomorrow, to which she replies that she requires someone’s contact details to confirm the same. Veer offers Angad’s number but, before she can secure it, a servant informs Angad that his lohri ensemble is ready and he needs to leave for a lohri event. Seerat is crestfallen but Garry assuages her concerns by promising to give her Angad’s number. She happily nods in appreciation.

Organizer thanks Sahiba for decorating the Lohri event. Sahiba says she will leave now. Organizer requests that she stay back since a chief guest may arrive at any time. Angad enters as chief guest. Sahiba gets angry seeing him and wonders why this ATM came here. Angad also gets angry seeing her. Jaspal, Kiara, and others walk in next. Sahiba angrily attempts to leave. After taking lohri/bonfire pheras, the organizer requests that she leave.

Seerat asks Garry for Angad’s number. Garry says it’s a waste because Angad won’t pick up. Seerat asks him how he manages a business then. Garry says he manages all the business and is now teaching Angad instead. He gives her his number and says he will pick up her call at any time. Garry gets impressed with his fancy number and sugar-coated talks, and she thought Angad was the boss.

Angad on stage describes the story of lohri and prays for true lovers. Dancers dance around lohri. Everyone enjoys it. The organizer asks Angad to set lohri ablaze. With other girls, Sahiba prays to God to help her keep her family happy and become a big artist during lohri. Everyone is stunned as Angad closes his eyes and imagines Seerat. Sahiba notices a firewood falling towards Angad and saves him. He hits a kum thali. Kumkum falls on Sahiba’s hair. Everyone is stunned by the action.

Precap: Sahiba says if helping someone is a sin, then she did and won’t apologize; she should have let a piece of firewood fall on him. Sahiba returns home. Santosh asks how Sindhoor fell on her. Keerat explains. Seerat says they’re talking about her alliance, but Sahiba got Sindhoor on her hair.

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