Anupama 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Anupama written update

Today’s episode starts with Anuj asking Anupama how could she say that we could meet our daughter for the last time. She is our daughter and not a toy that we will have for the last time. He cannot understand how could Anupama agree to meet her for the last time. Barkha and Ankush try to explain to Anuj that they have to accept the fact that Maaya is taking away Little Anu. Anuj still questions how could Anupama give up and agree to give away her daughter and agree to Maaya’s terms of meeting their daughter for one last time. Both Anuj and Anupama cannot stop crying. Anupama asks Anuj what options did she have? Should they have gone to court and brought Little Anu to court? If they had gone to court Little Anu would have neither been with them nor with Maaya. Whatever decisions they made Little Anu would suffer. Anuj asks everyone if they should lose hope and just give up. Anupama explains to him that we need patience and understanding and win this battle with love.

Anuj says we pleaded and we saw what Maaya replied. Anuj asks if we should just give up and let Little Anu just go away. Anupama explains to Anuj that if we have rights over Little Anu then Maaya has more rights than us. Both argue. Anuj cannot understand how Anupama cannot feel the pain of letting her daughter go. Anupama explains that she is a mother and is in a lot of pain. Anuj replies what about a father’s pain.

Anuj tells Anupama that she has three kids which is why she does not feel the pain. And he has just one daughter and now he is losing everything. He blames Anupama for not understanding a father’s love and pain. Anuj refuses to just sit back and see his daughter being taken away from him.

Anuj storms into his room and thinks of the conversations he had with Little Anu and Maaya.

Barkha, Ankush and Dimple console Anupama and make her understand that Anuj is not in a proper frame of mind and does not know what he is saying.

Kavya is blaming herself for everything that has happened. She tells Kinjal that because she revealed Maaya’s truth that is the reason today Little Anu is not with Anupama. Kinjal says we cannot understand what Anupama is going through just now. Samar comes and informs them that Dimple told him that Anuj and Anupama have had a huge fight. Kinjal is worried that hopes that whatever is happening now does not affect their marriage.

Anupama comes to Anuj to ask for forgiveness. She says she is sorry for what he felt but she stresses that she is not wrong. She wants to scream and shout in pain but she cannot do so because she is a mother and needs to be strong. She explains to Anuj that any kind of connection cannot bring Little Anu to them. We have to convince Maaya with love. Anupama says this is the last chance to convince Maaya and they will do their best to convince her. Anuj tells Anupama that no matter what she should not let their daughter go away from them.

Vanraj is surprised that Maaya is bringing Little Anu back. The Shah family discuss about Maaya’s strategies and wonder what she is up to and what could be the reason she is bringing Little Anu back. Paakhi hopes that Maaya keeps Little Anu with Anupama because Anuj and Anupama are the best parents for her.

Precap: Anuj and Anupama spend some good time with Little Anu before bidding her a tearful farewell. Both run after the car when Little Anu leaves.

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