Faltu 16th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 16th August 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Neil shows Faltu the jewellery. Faltu lies about Neil’s friend’s marriage to Charan. Charan says he will tell the villagers about your cricket game. She says I will come meet everyone, and ends the call. Neil apologizes, I didn’t know you were talking to your father. He asks her to check the jewellery. He leaves.

Janardhan asks why Ayaan’s driver is driving so slowly, I’ll call the driver. Savita says don’t rush. I asked Tanu to chill.

The driver tells Ayaan to drive faster, but Tanu says she doesn’t feel well. He says we’ll take medicine. She tells him I’ve taken the medicine. Driver says he’s going to check, the tyre got punctured. Tanu says they’ll worry. Ayaan says you’re so careless, I’ll call my dad. She asks the driver to take the car to the mechanic’s.

Faltu thanks Lord for giving her cricket back again. The diya is blown off. She says it’s a bad omen, what do you mean, I’m already worried about Ayaan. Tanu says she will stand outside for a while.

Tanu and Ayaan exit the car. She signals to the thugs. The thugs abduct Ayaan. Faltu rekindles the diya and offers a prayer for Ayaan. Janardhan expresses his inability to locate their car and suggests reaching out to them. The driver mentions the absence of a mechanic nearby. Tanu responds with an acceptance, saying, “Alright.”

A smile crosses her face as she notices Ayaan’s absence. She feigns concern and inquires, “Where did Ayaan go?” He answers, “I’m uncertain.” Janardhan dials her phone number and queries her location. He explains, “Our car’s tire got punctured, and Ayaan is nowhere to be found.” Janardhan expresses surprise, urging Govind to turn back. Tanu asserts confidently, “Ayaan won’t show up to halt Faltu’s marriage.”

Tanu addresses the group, informing them that Ayaan is unaccounted for, and his phone is switched off. She puts on an act. Govind expresses his concern, questioning how Ayaan could suddenly vanish. Janardhan suggests that perhaps Ayaan has gone to Faltu. Tanu proposes a plan, stating, “I’ll call her and request her to let us know if he shows up there. We can wait or consider involving the police later.” Just as Ayaan receives her message, she reads it aloud to everyone: “I’ll see you when I’m feeling better.” She promptly responds to the message. A grin spreads across the goon’s face upon sighting Ayaan.

As Ayaan asks who tied him here, the goons come. Ayaan asks who are you, why did you do it. The thug suggests, “Remain here for a few days, and we’ll ensure your safe departure.”

Apparently, Neil arranged Faltu and Neil’s wedding for Saturday. Was Neil doing this to keep me away from the marriage? Faltu sees the news. She asks Kaka to keep the prasad in the fridge, so she can give it to Ayaan. Neil comes and says you think he’ll come. She says yes, I’ll deliver it to him. He says I’ll drop you off at the stadium and make him jealous, so relax, your dreams will come true. He leaves.

Tanu asks goons to take care of Ayaan well. She keeps the phone in the cupboard. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. He says you’ll come tomorrow, right?

Tanu says no, he has messaged to say he won’t go. Janardhan reads the message and says it’s strange, it’s not his tone. She says we should support him moving forward. Faltu’s national match is today, Ayaan will go, we should also go.

We should support Faltu there, Kinshuk and Govind say. Savita and Tanu get against. Faltu comes to play the match. She looks for Ayaan. She thinks to meet him after the match. She plays well and hits a century. She says it is for him.


“Ayaan pleads, “Please don’t take your seat at the mandap; Neil orchestrated my abduction.” Faltu chides Ayaan for not arriving on time. Neil urges Faltu to join the proceedings. Just as Faltu receives a call, Ayaan urgently repeats, “Don’t take your seat at the mandap.”


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