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Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 17th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ayaan hugs Faltu at the beginning of the episode. He tells her she has become Anmol now, and she can tell her village that she is successful. She imagines Ayaan. In the match today, he says, “I hope you performed well. If Neil does that, I have to stop him.”

They ask Faltu where Ayaan is, if they ended their relationship. They ask Neil how he feels, his would-be wife has made the country proud. He says he is proud of her, he is happy that her dream has been fulfilled, and she will perform well in all matches. She is wondering why he is telling the media that he knows she loves Ayaan.

When asked who will be devoted to this trophy, Faltu replies Ayaan, since he taught me everything. Neil sends the media. She asks why you did this drama. He says our plan will be exposed, we’ll talk at home. She says I’ll show the trophy to Ayaan. She leaves.

Neil gets a call. The man says Ayaan has gone out on a trip, and he will return on Sunday. He says it means he will come after our wedding. Everyone sees Faltu’s interview. Kinshuk claims that Faltu attributed the credit to Ayaan, with Neil present nearby. In my view, her feelings for Neil seem doubtful. Savita argues that Kinshuk is not telling the truth, and rectifying their miscommunication is imperative.

It is Amar who calls them out. They rush and see Faltu’s trophy. Faltu hides. Govind reads Faltu’s thank you letter to Ayaan. Janardhan says stop Savita. Savita asks Amar to send the trophy back, Ayaan doesn’t need it. Savita says she is acting great. Janardhan says stop it, Savita. Ayaan doesn’t need it. Tanu says it’s good that Ayaan isn’t here, he would have become angry. Janardhan says the trophy and letter will go to Ayaan.

“I don’t have an appetite for food,” Ayaan states. “Just display the match score, especially Faltu’s score.” The thug presents the video, and as Ayaan watches it, tears well up in his eyes upon hearing Faltu’s words.

He says Faltu thanked me, which means she has forgiven me, and she might still love me, I have to stop Faltu and Neil’s marriage, and I must find a way to get away from here. Ayaan bribes the goons. The goons refuse and leave. He tries to escape. If Neil did this, then I must stop Faltu and Neil’s marriage.

When Neil gets home, he sees the decorations. Kaka says Faltu played well, Dada ji is so happy that I will do her aarti. Why don’t you feel happy? What happened? Faltu returns. Kaka says Dada ji’s friend isn’t well, he went to see him, and he asked him to perform his aarti, you won the best player award.

In response to Neil’s question, she says she left the trophy at home, but Ayaan was not there. He thinks about telling her Ayaan left and wouldn’t be able to attend our wedding. Kaka performs her aarti. She goes to her room. Neil wonders if I am being selfish and dividing two lovers.

It means he won’t come in marriage, I love Ayaan, you know what love means, I can’t love anyone else. Neil says don’t cry, I’ll get Ayaan for you. He leaves. Faltu receives a call.

“You’ve performed admirably,” Charan acknowledges. She expresses her gratitude, and he mentions that the villagers observed her match, bringing joy to everyone. They talk. She considers going to the office and meeting Ayaan. Ayaan says someone can hurt Faltu. Tanu watches and hides. He shouts for help. She tells him that you will be free after the marriage in just two days. The goon advises her not to worry.

She threatens Neil. The goon calls her mad. Faltu calls home and says Amar ji, answer the phone and tell me about Ayaan.


Ayaan fights the goons. He asks Faltu not to marry Neil. A goon hits him on the head. Ayaan faints.

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