Faltu 18th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 18th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The Episode starts with Faltu calling Amar ji. He gets scared and doesn’t answer. Tanu takes the call and lies to Faltu. In her opinion, Ayaan refused to see the trophy, locked himself in a room and said he did not want anything related to you. You must prepare your marriage with Neil or Neil might also leave you.

Faltu says you aren’t doing right, Tanu. Tanu ends call and scolds Amar. He says forgive me. She says I have blocked Faltu’s number in your phone, else I will fire you. Neil asks if Ayaan is home.

Janardhan says he went somewhere, he said he would come by Sunday. Neil asks if he’s coming to the wedding. Janardhan says no, I don’t want him to cause drama there, you should be happy. Janardhan takes a call. Neil says he doesn’t know, where did Ayaan go and why, whether he stopped believing in Faltu.

As Faltu prepares for her wedding, he thinks he’s taking a big risk. Neil tells Faltu he has to tell you something. He smiles at Faltu and says he’ll wait outside. He goes. Ayaan tries and cuts the rope. He thinks about Faltu. The goon is beaten up. The goon is tied to a chair. He gets his phone. Faltu calls him.

His reply is Faltu. She asks where are you, if you saw my trophy and called me. He says listen carefully, some goons kidnapped me. She asks what. He says Neil probably did it, don’t marry him, he isn’t the right person for you. She asks where you are, she says I’m coming to get you.

It’s dangerous here, he says. A goon hits him on the head. She yells. Ayaan faints. The goons tie him up and leave. Faltu worries and asks Neil if I should speak to him, if he did this, why would Neil agree, why would Ayaan lie, who could do this, why is Neil doing this, he knows I love Ayaan.

Ayaan is not at home or at office, he said he was on vacation. Neil asks what happened. She asks where Ayaan is. He says I don’t know, I just wanted to let you know. She says that means you kidnapped him. He asks, are you mad? She says tell me the truth, otherwise I’ll call the police.

Tanu gets happy seeing Kanika. Kanika says I got parole because of good conduct in jail. She thanks Janardhan. Janardhan says we have forgotten the past. She says I will come back to meet you all again. Tanu gets a call and rushes away. She talks to the goon and tells him to leave fast. Kanika looks at her in awe.

She tells her everything will be fine once Neil and Faltu get married. Kanika says I know you well, don’t lose this chance. Stay well with this family and stay happy. She hugs Tanu and leaves.

I cannot allow Ayaan and Faltu to come together; my affection for him prevents it. Neil claims he will involve the authorities. I am puzzled as to why you assume I’ve abducted Ayaan. Kaka overhears this. Neil suggests that we alert the police. I promise on Dada ji’s name that I am innocent. She inquires about who should make the call.

Dada ji asks Kaka where they went in a hurry. Kaka tells everything. Dada ji is shocked. He says I don’t know, I met Janardhan, I know about Ayaan, I thought of finding him. He says you should go to Mittal house. She asks him to come along.

Tanu says Ayaan messaged me, he said he was fine. Janardhan says I called him, but his phone is off, what did he say in the message, he is fine. Faltu and Neil come. She says he isn’t fine, you think he went on a trip, he called me and said someone kidnapped him. Everyone is shocked.

Janardhan questions Tanu and asks how she received Ayaan’s messages. Savita says she is lying, Faltu says I am saying the truth, Ayaan thinks Neil did this, Neil is innocent, someone has misled him. Kinshuk says I will call Ayaan.


The goons are instructed by Tanu to kill Ayaan. Janardhan sits in shock and says Ayaan’s body… Faltu cries and says this cannot happen.


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