Faltu 19th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 19th August 2023 Written Episode, WorldofEntertainment.in Written Update

The episode commences with Tanu revealing, “I made you read Ayaan’s message; he’s misunderstood.” Harsh questions Faltu whether Ayaan reached out. Faltu affirms, sharing that Ayaan used a landline to call, yet Neil traced the number only to find it switched off. This situation spells trouble. Govind speculates if it’s a scheme to sabotage the wedding. Tanu proposes that Neil might have taken Ayaan captive to manipulate the situation.

My marriage with Faltu was a drama, so we could make Ayaan aware of Faltu’s importance and he stopped it. Why would I kidnap Ayaan? Faltu says he is telling the truth. Savita cries out for Ayaan. Harsh asks why we didn’t receive a ransom call if Ayaan is kidnapped. Faltu suggests, “We ought to find out the location of his phone. What’s wrong with you? You appear frightened. Did you abduct Ayaan?” Tanu responds defensively, “You’re accusing me?” Faltu insists, “Indeed, prove me wrong; show me his message.”

When Janardhan asks Tanu to show the messages, Savita says to call the police and find Ayaan. Faltu says to check Tanu’s room because I doubt her. Tanu asks what, you mean you kidnapped Ayaan, are you mad? Faltu says then let me check your room, you’re chatting from Ayaan’s phone. She takes Tanu’s phone, and Tanu worries.

Ayaan gets taken by goons in the car. Dada ji says where would Ayaan be, marriage will never happen, we must find Ayaan. He gets Neil’s message. He says Neil says marriage will happen. He thinks Neil kidnapped Ayaan. Tanu says tell Faltu something. Savita asks how you got messages from Ayaan. I trust you a lot, it’s about his life, if I find out you are wrong, I won’t leave you. Dadi says I doubted her before. Faltu checks the room.

Getting Ayaan’s phone from the cupboard, she asks Tanu to give the keys. Goon waits for Tanu’s call. Faltu shows the phone and says if Ayaan went on a holiday then what is his phone doing in Tanu’s cupboard, so Tanu took advantage of the drama and did that, Neil had no reason to kidnap Ayaan, so call the police, Ayaan’s life may be in danger, and the police will force Tanu to admit it.

Sid asks, Tanu kidnapped Ayaan. Tanu calls the goon and says kill him. Goon says what, extra money, 10 lakhs. She says you’ll get it, kill him. Ayaan hears the goon. Sid says Tanu will never meet Ayaan, so I will end your story there. Sid says she’s been acting strange for a while, I thought she was worried about Ayaan, but I wasn’t.

His anger flares as he declares that Ayaan’s suffering is the consequence of placing trust in her. Faltu disagrees, stating, “No, she never comprehended the significance of family. I believed she wished to embark on a fresh journey with Sid, yet Ayaan remains a preoccupation for her. She’s taken Ayaan against his will, and it’s imperative we locate him swiftly.” Sid chimes in, “I’ll contact the police.”

She claps and says I cannot let Faltu and Ayaan unite, it is not Sid’s mistake, Sid loves me, Ayaan did not love me, I am sorry Sid, I can’t forget Ayaan. Faltu asks where is Ayaan. Tanu says I won’t tell you, no one will get Ayaan. Savita asks where is my son, please tell me. She says, “It’s not my fault, it’s because of Faltu; she should have married Neil, Ayaan would have returned. She has to sabotage my plans, Ayaan won’t return alive, he’ll die.”.

Everyone is shocked. Faltu says there is nothing that can happen to him, tell me where he was hidden, otherwise the police will force you to confess. After Ayaan leaves, Tanu says call anyone, I have nothing left, I am not afraid of anyone, you tried to snare Ayaan from me, he is not yours, call anyone, he won’t return. Sid says you think you will threaten me and we’ll just hear it. He scolds her. Everyone stops Sid. Sid scolds Tanu.

Janardhan pleads with Sid to stay in control, and everyone rushes to stop him. While Tanu laughs mockingly, she remarks how they all are having to pay the consequence of what they did to her mother. Sid desperately demands Kinshuk to phone the police, who instantly does so. Neil reveals that the police were able to trace the number, but no one was there and he assumes it was Tanu who gave directions for Ayaan’s removal. Faltu snatches her phone for inspection and inquires as to whom Guru is. Then Janardhan receives a call and after asking about Ayaan’s wellbeing, he hangs up the receiver in shock.

Everyone inquires about Ayaan’s whereabouts. Janardhan somberly mentions the body… This revelation stuns everyone. Tanu wears a sinister smile and utters, “At last…” Meanwhile, Neil dials Dada ji’s number, his voice trembling with emotion. Dada ji answers anxiously, “What’s wrong, Neil? Don’t frighten me. Have you found Ayaan?” Dada ji then inquires about Faltu’s well-being. Distraught, Neil confesses, “It was my mistake to hatch this plan. Ayaan is no more; Tanu orchestrated his demise.” Dada ji responds incredulously, “What? How could this be possible?”

He asserts that this situation unfolded due to his commitment to accompany Faltu to the wedding altar, which he couldn’t fulfill. He regrets not having located Ayaan, wondering if he became self-centered. He confesses that he prayed for Faltu to marry him, but is this the outcome? He implores to halt the wedding preparations; there will be no marriage. Daddy ji intervenes, advising him to calm down and comfort Faltu, assuring that he will address the situation. Faltu objects, insisting that this cannot transpire. Savita turns to Tanu, inquiring about Ayaan’s fate. Tears flow from everyone’s eyes.


She asks Inspector to take Tanu away. Faltu and everyone see Ayaan’s dead body. They cry. Kanika says Tanu you killed Ayaan, I didn’t give birth to a murderer.


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