Faltu 20th August 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 20th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode starts with Faltu assuring, “Ayaan is alright, please don’t cry. We’ll go check on him. Sid will stay here with Tanu. Ayaan is safe, let’s go.” Ayaan’s body is taken by the police at Neil’s house, Harsh informs everyone. Everyone cries. Janardhan asks what, this is his house. Ask them to bring the body here. Harsh consoles him. Tanu says I wish Ayaan loved me. Sid shouts. Govind says you should not get mad, please.

Faltu says Ayaan is joking, nothing happened to him, we’ll go to him, Neil, he is doing this to stop our marriage. Come to your senses, Ayaan is dead, he says. She slaps him. She scolds him. She says he’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with him. Faltu and everyone come to see Ayaan’s dead body.

She asks Ayaan to get up and stop joking. She shouts open the door. The police arrest Tanu. Sid declares that he has ended all ties with you and that Kanika’s Power of Attorney doesn’t matter to him. He tears the document apart. Ayaan couldn’t love you ever. I got blinded by your love and didn’t learn from his mistake. He says that I made a big mistake by loving you, that you don’t deserve anyone’s life.

There is no difference between us, you didn’t change, you had interest in my property, don’t lecture me. She says there is no difference, you didn’t learn from my mistakes, you ruined everything, I gave you love and went against family, I deserved this cheat, you deserved loneliness, you stayed alone in jail, you did not deserve anyone’s love, so your dad left you alone. She slaps him.

Tanu… Kanika says Tanu… Dada ji asks Faltu to calm down. Faltu says we were acting to test Ayaan, no one can take Ayaan’s place in my life, I’ve lost, Ayaan won. She asked Ayaan to open his eyes and scold him. He told her to calm down, stop it now. She told him he couldn’t leave me, our life began now. Ayaan’s heartbeat made her cry. She embraced him and cried.

Tears stream down Tanu’s face as she retorts, “Sid is mistaken. You’re by my side, aren’t you?” Kanika’s voice fills with reproach as she scolds Tanu, “I warned you not to falter, but you’ve committed Ayaan’s murder. I didn’t raise a murderer.” She signals the Inspector to escort Tanu away. Tanu’s plea falls desperate, “Please, no! I can’t be alone. There’s a price to be paid.” Handcuffed and apprehended, Tanu’s cries echo, leaving Sid and Kanika in tears.

Everyone is surprised when Faltu beats Ayaan. He says ouch and gets up. He says listen to me, Faltu. He hugs her. He says, “Just you want to do a drama?” Faltu scolds him. He says he is sorry, he was taking your test. He says, “Neil, you’re a great actor.” Dada ji says he knew that. Savita says we were scared.

Maa, we had to do this drama, right, Ayaan says. She says no. She blesses him. Govind asks how this happened, Tanu ordered the goons to kill you. Ayaan remembers Tanisha told the goons to kill him. He fights them. He gets a phone and calls someone.

Neil inquires, “Why didn’t you inform me that Dada ji was aware of the plan too?” Faltu responds, “Janardhan was also in favor of it.” Dada ji explains, “I intended for you to learn a lesson. With the misunderstandings resolved, and their commitment reaffirmed, the wedding altar is set. The marriage should proceed.” Govind agrees, saying, “Indeed.” Expressing gratitude, Neil addresses Radha Rani, and preparations for the wedding continue as Faltu readies himself.

Ayaan and Faltu get ready for the marriage. Charan and the family bless Faltu. Ayaan and Faltu exchange garlands. He sits down and wears it. She smiles. Charan does the kanyadaan. Ayaan kisses and hugs Faltu. Everyone applauds.

A happy ending to the show


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