Faltu 23rd January 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

A doctor asks Faltu to relax and trust her. Faltu says I want to talk to my dad. He says we won’t do any tests, just sit, we’ll talk normally if you want to give the test, we’ll do it, otherwise. His response is that doctor and patient must have a relationship of faith, otherwise, I cannot perform the operation. She nods. He says good, relax now. As he hypnotizes her, he asks her about the temple incident. She tells everything. The doctor asks her what happened. Faltu says Ayaan fainted.

Faltu, who has filled the sindoor in Tanisha’s maang, answers that she got married that day, and with whom. Tanisha gets shaken. Faltu says everything. In her words, Ayaan fainted and I didn’t know what to do, he had to marry Tanisha, but he had applied sindoor in my maang and I didn’t want to burden him, so I heard the police siren and left him there. Tanisha sobbed.

Faltu becomes conscious and asks if she slept. The doctor says yes, she got too relaxed, your dad is waiting for you, come. The doctor takes her. Sid consoles Tanisha. The doctor comes. Sid says a good job. The doctor says it’s okay if you don’t want to fund her treatment. Sid says no, we won’t be caring for Faltu’s vision anymore. Faltu tells Charan and Pratap everything. Pratap tells him he doesn’t like this test. A Doctor comes and says your reports came normal, we got a donor for her treatment, and we can now perform her operation.

The doctor asks them to get medicines, which are also free. Charan thanks him. The doctor says you have to admit Faltu here. Pratap says I will make Faltu work a lot as soon as she is well again. Ayaan smiles. Sid says we have the proof, no need to do this. Tanisha says I will remove Faltu from Ayaan’s life when Faltu’s eyes get better. I will arrange 20 lakhs and get her operation done.

In Sid’s view, I was making them separate, but she has become Mother India. She asked me not to tell her family about this, so I have to do something and let them know. Ayaan filled Sindoor in Faltu’s maang before he married Tanisha, and Pratap asks everyone to bless Faltu so she can see again.

Ayaan asks who is giving the money for the operation. The man replies that 20 lakhs have been arranged and that her operation will take place on Monday. Ayaan says okay, let me know if you find anything out. Kanika asks why you want 20 lakhs, for your honeymoon, right, I have already booked the hotels and tickets. Tanisha cries. Kanika asks what’s wrong. Ayaan says the doctor gave Faltu money, but I don’t think he has that much money, so who is giving Faltu the money? Tanisha wants the money for Faltu’s operation.


Someone meets Faltu and takes her signature on the documents by lying. Tanisha says Ayaan is mine, and I will play with her and Faltu.

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