Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th April 2023 Written Update


When Angad hesitates to apply ointment through her, Sahiba scolds him. Angad holds her hand. Hansraj tells Manveer that the beggar/Seerat must not be aware of Ajith’s residence.

After fuming and cursing Sahiba for manipulating things and getting married to Angad, Seerat decides to take revenge once she returns home. Sahiba asks Angad why he held her hand. He responds that he wanted her to apply ointment on his back and maintain silence while she did so. Sahiba agrees. He removes his shirt and she applies ointment. He feels pain and asks if she is torturing him. Sahiba scolds him again and tells him to apply ointment silently.

In Ajith’s house, Manveer and Hansraj see Sahiba applying ointment to shirtless Angad. Sahiba asks Manveer to come in. Manveer shouts at Sahiba and tells Angad that Sahiba would try to get close to him if he came here. Manveer shouts that she and her family purposefully injured Angad while Sahiba warned her not to imagine anything. Sahiba explains how Angad sprained his back and she was applying ointment at the time.

As Santosh asks her to calm down, he cleans the sofa for her and brings her water. Manveer humiliates her next. Keerat gets angry at that and warns her to behave with her mother. In his car, Garry gets intimate with his puppet reporter. Seerat calls him and he repeatedly disconnects the call. He then messages that he will call her later.

Keerat continues to confront Manveer. Manveer shouts at Sahiba and Keerat and leaves her on the roads. Keerat fumes, saying she left the guest house on his advice and now he won’t pick up the phone. Manveer states that Sahiba and her family purposefully injured him. Sahiba repeats that Angad sprained himself. Manveer continues her misbehaviour.

Angad demands she calms down again and asks who informed her about his injury. Sahiba says she did because she thought Angad would feel better at home. Angad must return home with Manveer, she insists. Angad refuses to go with Manveer and says he will come in the morning. Manveer says she can’t believe her son is disobeying her. Santosh advises her to wait till morning.

According to Hansraj, Manveer took an oath not to consume anything until he returns home. Manveer says why should Angad understand that he should stay back and enjoy Monga’s hospitality. He tells Ajith that only his mother matters to him, and he will return home with her. Santosh asks Sahiba to accompany him. She tells Angad to support his family, and she will support her family and will stay home tonight. Angad leaves with Manveer.

It begins with Seerat accusing Sahiba of marrying Angad and taking away her rights. Sahiba says she is suffering because of her and asks with whom she eloped.

She shouts at Sahiba for questioning her and tries to slap her. Sahiba holds her hand and slaps her back.

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