Faltu 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 30th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu coming inside Ayaan’s house. Sid smiles. Tanisha recalls Faltu. She says she is the girl with whom you were playing garba in the village. We stayed in Suhana’s guest house, but what was Faltu doing with Bua, she was getting married to Pappi. Ayaan acts and asks how you met Bua. Alok and Rijula tell them a fake story about rescuing Faltu from goons. Sid says wow, what a story, Ayaan, I’ll write the climax.

Savita states that someone should be aware of her presence, to which Faltu agrees and adds that her parents can be informed as they had supported her escape from the arranged marriage and were kind to her. The family warmly receive Faltu upon Sumitra asking what she would do at Ayaan’s wedding. Bua affirms that she accompanied her, being alone in this situation. Ayaan remarks it is their duty to help her out, expressing his agreement with Savita’s welcoming gesture. The latter goes on introducing the family to Faltu, pointing out Tanisha was Ayaan’s fiancee while greeting each other with a smile, Tanisha clutching the former’s hand.

Janardhan comes upon Faltu and demands to know why she is there. Dadi intervenes, explaining that she is making some sweet halwa for Janardhan, Rijula and Alok, hoping it will bring them closer together. However, the gas lighter won’t work and the knob has been left open. Janardhan then states that Faltu is the one who splashed him with dirty water and orders her out again. Faltu pleads for him to listen but her Bua’s defense falls on deaf ears as he responds by telling her to keep quiet. Rijula then admonishes her brother for acting so harshly towards a young girl instead of showing mercy.

Faltu refuses to accept any negativity towards her parents; Janardhan demanding Ayaan give Faltu a lesson and throw her out of the house leads to Rijula arguing and crying. Dadi attempts to light the stove, but causes an accident instead. Aunt cries out in horror as Dadi screams for help, everyone rushing to the scene. Faltu quickly snatches a tablecloth in order to put out the fire. Ayaan notices that there is no actual damage done but spots a burn on Faltu’s hand and takes her aside, Tanisha watching them while he tends to it.

When she interrupts them, the doctor checks Dadi and says her blood pressure is high, but she is fine, don’t worry. He leaves. Dadi jokes. Faltu appears. Dadi and aunt thank her.

Savita expresses her gratitude to Faltu and reveals that she is from Ittarpur. Bua enquires about his destination, to which Faltu confirms he is leaving. Alok offers to go with him, but Faltu insists he is capable of managing it alone and requests him to stay for the marriage. Tanisha warns Ayaan against trying to convince Janardhan, but Dadi interrupts them and requests Faltu to stay. Tanisha points out how his inaction caused Janardhan’s meeting to be missed. However, Janardhan states that it was a way of thanking her for saving his mother’s life and stresses that his beliefs remain unchanged. Sid smiles in response.

Ayaan goes to Faltu and cares for her. Ayaan says no one knows you are a cricketer. She tells everything about Janardhan and her fight. He says don’t worry, dad looks strict, but he is soft-hearted, he will melt seeing your innocence. He applies the aid to her hand. When Tanisha sees them, she yells Ayaan, but Faltu takes her hand away.

The precap:

Ayaan comes and asks what’s going on. Tanisha insults Faltu.

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