Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi tells Ranbir that Balbir slapped Khushi and held her hand tightly. He says it is normal for you, but wrong for me, and says I will do anything for Khushi. He says you don’t know me, and tells her that he went there to ask him not to be near Khushi again. Prachi says you might be angry.

He asks why you judge the opposite person so quickly. Prachi asks why you are here, why the police arrested you, and if these injuries just happened. If you had listened to me, you would have understood that I didn’t initiate the fight. He says I have to reply, as Khushi was slapped. Prachi says things can ruin, Khushi is scared and when I met her, she was crying.

Prachi tells Ranbir that Balbir could be more dangerous, and will not leave Khushi. He says that I should have asked him to beat him and Khushi. He says you came here to make me feel guilty. She says no. He says you didn’t ask me how this happened. Prachi says no. Having asked me once if I am fine, he says you came and started scolding me. Prachi says you are not in the mood to listen. He says I didn’t do anything wrong, so why should I listen to you?

Ranbir says you make me angry. Prachi says you make me angry. The constable says you lifted the PS on their heads since you came. Ranbir Kohli has a tendency to get angry, so Prachi asks Constable to talk to him. She goes out. Constable takes Ranbir to jail. As Akshay calls Prachi, he wonders whether he should call her late. Prachi picks up the call and asks him to say something. Akshay asks if she was sleeping. She says no.

It seems that Prachi is in the police station. Akshay decides to go. Khushi comes out of the car and asks about Shiv. Prachi says I cannot release him. Khushi says I won’t go until he comes out. In response, Khushi asks if you will come, and says Police arrested Shiv because of me, he is hurt and must be in pain. Prachi thinks if I call Mummy, then she doesn’t know how she will react.

She says I will go inside again and talk to Inspector. Khushi says even I will come inside to talk to Inspector if we go from here. Khushi says yes, I love Ranbir very much, and he also loves me. Prachi says I understand and says, “Let’s go inside.”. Upon hearing Khushi refused to lie, Laali tells Balbir. Balbir says he will crush her under his feet once I leave here. Laali asks where are your friends? Balbir replies they have been relocated.

Laali says Khushi had learnt this in her mother’s womb. She will talk to the lawyer. He blames her for admitting her to the government school. Balbir asks her not to give the lecture and asks her to bring a lawyer. Laali goes. He thinks that once they are out, he will beat them and break their bones. Lady constable says Inspector is beating one of the arrested men. Prachi remembers Ranbir’s words and says I don’t take impulsive decisions like Ranbir.

If he raises his hand on you, your Maayi will stop him. She says he has no right to raise his hand to anyone. She says that she must have done something good, because Mata Rani made me meet you both, and said you are my Parvati and he is my Shiv. Khushi recalls Laali telling Ranbir that she had adopted Khushi.

As he speaks to Prachi, she gets teary eyes. She asks her not to cry. He says he came to my house to teach a lesson to Balbir uncle, and you also called me. Prachi says this means I am very lucky. I feel good whenever I do something good for you, I feel like doing good for my daughter, Prachi says and tells her not to thank her. Prachi says yes, always and cries hugging Khushi as Naina’s song plays. Khushi says don’t cry, I feel like crying as you love me.

The inspector comes back to his chair. Prachi informs the inspector that what you were told about Ranbir raising his hand on Khushi is incorrect and that Balbir had slapped Khushi and Ranbir had gone there to teach him a lesson. Prachi says I am saying the truth. Inspector says it is our duty to protect the law and says the guilty will be in and the innocent will be out.

Ranbir has been beaten and he just retaliated, he can’t keep quiet. Prachi says Khushi is the eye witness and she will tell you what happened. Khushi says I called and asked him to say yes.

While she was talking to Balbir, he started fighting and showed him the knife. Prachi recalled scolding Ranbir. Khushi said I was telling the truth. We can leave Ranbir, but one member of his family must sign, and if his wife comes here, she should take his guarantee, as she will get angry with him if he does wrong.

Prachi tells Khushi that Ranbir’s wife does not need to come here since she is already standing here, and says I guarantee Ranbir since I am his wife. Khushi is delighted. Ashok asks where Akshay is going. Akshay says security called and said the car wasn’t parked properly. He goes. Prachi says I am Akshay’s wife and can provide a guarantee.

The inspector asks why you didn’t tell before. Ranbir says if she doesn’t regard herself as his wife, then what does she feel about herself? Prachi says she’s his wife, and they separated and stopped speaking to each other, as well as telling people that we’re married. The inspector asks what happened.

Ranbir asked Prachi to leave for personal reasons, but I can’t reveal them to you. Ranbir is a good person, he could not be a good husband, but that doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person, and she says that he always speaks out against injustice. He says he won’t lie, and he did this for her.

Khushi asks Prachi, why didn’t you tell me you were his wife before? Prachi says I did. Khushi says even Shiv didn’t tell me, so let him come tell me.

Akshay says Ranbir Kohli is Prachi Kohli’s husband. The inspector tells Akshay that Prachi Kohli had come here and given a guarantee for her husband.

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