Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th April 2023 Written Update


It starts raining and Seerat takes shelter when a beggar lady fights with her and shouts at her to go from there. A thief runs away with Seerat’s luggage. Santosh feels sad that her son-in-law left home after a back sprain at night. If Manveer had not emotionally blackmailed him, he would have stayed. As Angad praises Ajith for obeying his mother without question, he tells Sahiba that their relationship will soon improve.

As she sees dirt on her body, Seerat panics and blames Sahiba for her condition. Brars car passes by. Angad does not recognize her. The car splashes more dirt on her and passes by. Seerat shouts and thinks that her condition is worse than that of a beggar. Once they reach home, she notices Santosh sitting sadly and thinks even Mummy is aware of Sahiba’s sins. Ajith walks to Santosh and asks her to rest. Santosh asks how she can rest when she has endured so much due to Seerat’s mistakes.

Seerat thinks Sahiba brainwashed even her parents, so it’s pointless to talk to them now. Ajith says they can’t make their marks in society because of Seerat, so he won’t let her enter his home. Sahiba cheers Keerat up when she hears that Sahiba will leave tomorrow. Seerat shouts at Sahiba to come out. Sahiba asks where she is and with whom she has eloped.

Then Seerat shouts at her for questioning her after snatching her fate and sensing an opportunity to replace her and marry Angad for a luxurious life. Sahiba says she doesn’t know what her parents went through, how she was humiliated by Brars, and how she sacrificed herself for them.

Despite Sahiba’s inability to bear her accusations, Seerat continues to accuse and curse her. Finally, Sahiba slaps her hard.

Sahiba says she sometimes feels that Angad isn’t that bad and wonders if their relationship will develop a warmth as she exposes Angad’s family member or if it will worsen.

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