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Anupama written update

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Ankush takes Anuj to his cabin. Anuj attempts to sit on a visitor’s seat saying he transferred everything to Ankush and Anupama’s names. Ankush makes him sit on the boss’s seat. As Anupama reaches the office, she sees Anuj’s car and feels happy. Anuj notices Anupama’s magnet and recalls the incident.

She gets Vanraj’s call who nervously asks if she reached the office. She asks if he has any important work and disconnects the call saying she will talk to him later. Vanraj gets tense and wonders if Anuj reached the office. As Maaya remembers Anuj’s words about not bothering wherever he goes, she munches food anxiously.

She calls Barkha. Barkha scolds the receptionist for informing him in front of Anuj that Anupama is coming in 10 minutes and orders her to hold Anupama at reception until she comes and gets her signatures on documents. Maaya calls her, asking her not to let Anupama and Anuj meet. Barkha agrees.

As Anupama enters the office, Ankush shows Anuj project reports. Anuj, anxiously waiting for Anupama, tells Ankush that he is handling everything well without him.

Anakush says he needs him here, so he should stay back; he says he must be missing Anupama and is looking at the door for Anupama, even Anupama yearns for him; he should leave his anger aside and reunite with Anupama, his few days’ anger can’t be bigger than 25-year-old love, fate united them and is giving them a second chance and it’s foolish not to accept it. They cannot live without each other, they are made for each other and can’t survive apart.

Barkha enters and says they are better off separated and it’s for their good. Anuj says they aren’t separated, but gone. Barkha says Anuj is in sorrow while Anupama easily moved on and accepted that her children were more important to her and she gave up Anuj for them. Barkha says Anuj left his empire after the breakup, but Anupama opened a new dance academy in its place. Ankush asks if one who doesn’t cry and shows pain is happy, Barkha says everyone expresses pain differently.

Anupama left the empire after Anuj left her, technically everything still belongs to her. Barkha says great Anupama hasn’t left Shahs even now. Ankush says she’s not coming back to stoop. As Barkha continues to instigate Anuj, Anupama will not forgive him for the way he left her, she plans to clear up with him and will not spare him easily.

Ankush says Anupama’s anger has calmed down. Barkha says if that is the case, Anupama would have stayed at Kapadia mansion and waited for Anuj instead of moving to her mother’s house. She says even she would have done the same if someone hurts her feelings, but Anupama has come out of pain so easily that it is best they don’t reunite at all.

The office looks strange to Anupama when she enters Anuj’s office. She can’t complain when a dear one is far away. Upon meeting Anuj, she feels ecstatic. Anuj notices her through the glass door and smiles. The song Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai plays in the background as he walks towards her crying. Barkha stops Anupama from walking towards the cabin when she asks her to wait while there is a meeting going on inside.

Dimple walks into the kitchen ignoring Leela as she thinks about what happened to Vanraj since he left the meeting in between. Leela fumes that she didn’t even greet or touch her feet. Dimple begins preparing tea while ignoring Leela. Leela asks why she went into her kitchen without her permission and ignored her.

Dimple says she is preparing tea for Samar and them. Leela continues to criticize her, and Dimple starts to argue with her. As a puppet boyfriend, Samar tries to intervene and warns Leela to change since she has already troubled Anupama, Kavya, and Kinjal, and she needs to learn to give respect if she wants respect.

Leela thinks Nagin Rakhi at least taught morality to Kinjal, but Dimpy is so mannerless. Samar takes Dimpy away. Anupama anxiously waits in the reception area to see Anuj. Anuj continues to cry. Ankush fails to stop Barkha. Barkha draws the curtain and asks Anuj to sign documents. She asks Anuj to sign papers and return to Little Anu soon.

While Adhik watches silently, Barkha thinks that she must do something before Anuj leaves the cabin to meet Anupama. She leaves, asking Anuj not to leave the cabin. Ankush insists that Anuj go out and meet Anupama and not let her leave his life again. In his mind, Anuj recalls the words of Barkha and Vanraj.

Ankush tells Anuj if he can’t go outside, he will bring Anupama in. He walks to Anupama and holds her hand. Anupama enters Anuj’s cabin.

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