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Anupama reassures Shruti that there is no misunderstanding between her and AK, thanks to Kanha ji’s blessings. She encourages her not to worry, instead focusing on hoping for a smooth relationship between the two. Anupama reminds her to keep in mind that everything is in the hands of Kanha ji and advises her not to stress too much. She suggests that they should keep their hearts pure, and if any difficulties arise, they can take solace in knowing they did their best. Anupama offers Shruti a cup of tea and shares that as a mother of four children, she has experienced similar phases, with three of them successfully passing through it.

Shruti mentions that becoming a parent will make their mother and advises against befriending someone who already has many friends. She also notes that AK has become stricter as a father. Still, there is no point in convincing him otherwise. Anupama suggests finding out the root of Aadhya’s problem, implying that it may require delving into their past. Shruti adds that forgetting the past is also necessary. As they hold hands, they sense an electricity between them. Suddenly, Vikram interrupts to remind them of their trip to the grocery store for a large order. Shruti instructs her to handle the task at hand.

Baa approaches Pakhi and inquires if she wants some cold coffee. Pakhi ponders constructing a tower on their land and expresses her desire for her flat. She is tired of living in a rented place and reminds Baa that she legally holds a share in the house. She plans to ask their father for a separate flat so they can both reside there. Baa then suggests giving Pakhi’s daughter to them while she goes off to enjoy herself, leaving them with all the responsibilities. She urges Pakhi to consider this their ancestral house and contemplate dividing the family.

Pakhi argues with Baa. Dimpy shouts at Pakhi and asks her not to misbehave with Baa. Pakhi says you can even take a flat and stay peaceful. Dimpy says she does not want to live separately. Pakhi laughs and asks who is talking. Dimpy says I’ve made many mistakes but learned from them, but you don’t realize your mistakes. Baa and Dimpy leave, and Pakhi says she’s getting her share.

Anupama questions Vikram’s decision to take a taxi, reminding him that the grocery store is not far. However, Vikram explains that his boss is paying for the ride and emphasizes the value of time in this city. Just then, he receives a call. Anupama gazes out the window and spots Anuj arriving on his bike and heading towards a nearby cafe. She sees him running after their car but unfortunately gets hit in the process. Upon hearing her name, Anuj calls out to Anupama, and she responds with his name. Frantic, she instructs the driver to stop the car and rushes outside to check on Anuj. A crowd gathers around them as someone takes him away from the scene. Hopeful, Anupama says a silent prayer for his well-being while Vikram urges her to hurry up before they get delayed.

Kavya inquires if Vanraj plans to sell the house, to which he responds that he plans to redevelop it into a penthouse. Kavya acknowledges this is a significant decision and mentions that she must also convince Babu ji. She reveals that she has been actively seeking employment and has received an offer to train models at a fashion institute. Vanraj questions whether she has accepted the offer or is still searching for a job. Kavya clarified that although the salary is appealing and the work seems manageable, she has yet to decide. In response, Vanraj warns her not to repeat past mistakes as he will not forgive her if she does so.

Adhya and Shruti are sitting in Anuj’s bed. Anuj opens his eyes and says, Anupama. He stands up and attempts to leave. Aadhya and Shruti try to stop him. Vikram asks Anupama what happened to her, and he says it seems you would have been affected by the accident. Shruti says she will bring medicine for Anuj and leaves. Aadhya thinks Anupama can’t meet him.

Yashpal inquires with the guard about how one can leave so suddenly, and the guard explains that there is an emergency. Shortly after, Anupama and Vikram arrive at the restaurant. Yashpal asks Anupama to prepare her special dish, which is much to her delight. Meanwhile, Shruti calls Anupama on the landline and reveals that AK has been in an accident. Shocked, Anupama asks about his condition, to which Shruti reassures her that it isn’t severe, but she is still shaken up. She had planned to make something for AK but couldn’t manage it. Anupama insists on making it for him and assures Shruti that she will finish her work before preparing the food. Grateful, Shruti ends the call, and Anupama thinks about whether AK was involved in the accident.


As Yashpal tastes Anupama’s dish, he says it’s good, and she will get a cooking job if she cooks well for a week. Upon being congratulated by Vikram, Anupama says she will visit Shruti and offer her food. Shruti asks Anuj if he is seeing a girl he met in an accident. Aadhya opens the door.

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