Agnisakshi 15th September 2023 Episode: Juhi’s Devious Move | Written Update


Agnisakshi 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

Jeevika asks Juhi if her work is complete. Jeevika says only the slab work remains. Juhi asks how anyone can make you do so much work when you are Aladin’s lamp. She lights the candle and throws it at Jeevika’s pallu as she walks. Aadhya sees her pallu burning and yells Vahini! Satvik comes there and dips her pallu in water to set it off. He asks her: “What happened to you?” Jeevika says she has no idea.

As Utkarsh watches, Sundari walks into Juhi’s room and asks her what she is doing. Juhi says she doesn’t want her interference. Sundari says she saves her from getting arrested, and Satvik loves her very much. Juhi says I have to handle this, Laila. Satvik tells Jeevika that he can’t keep his sight away from her. Jeevika says it wasn’t my fault.

Satvik says you always say this and do big things always. Jeevika kisses on his cheeks and says there is no way to quiet you. Satvik gets happy. You’ve woken up a tiger, and nobody can stop him now. As Jeevika prepares for puja, Satvik is captivated by her beauty. As she tries to leave, Satvik kisses her hand. Swara arrives. Jeevika smiles.

Narayan and Lata are delighted for Jeevika and Satvik. She comments that their happiness is comparable to the birth of a grandchild. Lata expresses her belief that their wish will soon come true. Juhi arrives, dressed in her usual attire. Lata suggests she change into a navari saree. Juhi jokingly asks if she should wear a bikini instead. Lata responds that she would, but there is no beach nearby. As Jeevika and Satvik enter, Jeevika presents her with a navari saree as a gift. Lata urges her to try it on, but Juhi refuses, claiming she does not want to look like a traditional woman and cannot wear it. However, Jeevika persists, asking her to put it on for the photos. In the end, Juhi changes into a saree as Jeevika requests.

As Lata tells Jeevika, Bhao ji made these coins for the guests and asks her to give them to her when she asks her. Jeevika says ok and leaves. Juhi looks at her. Swara confronts Shlok for keeping it a secret that he knew he was chatting with her. She says that when she knew that, she didn’t feel good. She scolds him for teasing her and asks if she has an answer.

The ladies tell Jeevika they will teach her how to make her husband do the work. Jeevika says, then I don’t have to take this class. Lata praises Jeevika and tells the ladies they will be learning from her. Jeevika leaves. Lata teases Jeevika about taking Satvik’s name. Jeevika leaves. Sundari thinks it was Juhi who left first, then Jeevika. Juhi steals the gold coins from Jeevika’s locker and says it will be fun.

Shlok urges Swara to listen to him, but she refuses, saying she will not hear anything from him or anyone else. Juhi drops a bag of coins and quickly picks it up, avoiding Swara’s gaze. However, she overhears their conversation and decides to handle Swara after dealing with Jeevika. Meanwhile, Satvik informs Utkarsh about a treatment that could cure their grandfather. Jeevika arrives and demands the whole truth from Utkarsh, reminding him of the bond they share as siblings. Utkarsh is about to confess but becomes anxious upon seeing Sundari passing by. Jeevika starts to wonder why her grandfather becomes silent whenever he sees Sundari, recalling her previous words about his deteriorating mental state since meeting her. She begins to question what could be the reason behind this peculiar behavior.


Jeevika hugs Rajnandini and says, “How are you?” Rajnandini says, “I thought you had forgotten me.”.

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