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The episode begins with Satvik calling Painter, expressing frustration at his constant complaints about meeting Supriya. Satvik reveals that it was actually Supriya who initiated the meet-up. Painter urges him to continue. Satvik proudly shares that Supriya has big plans for their relationship. Impressed, Painter acknowledges that Satvik has put in a lot of effort and predicts a bright future for the couple. Satvik agrees, adding that he will even go as far as to pick the moon and stars for her one day. Painter expresses his joy for Satvik’s happiness while Vahini waits on a nearby bench outside the office.

Jeevika arrives and shares that she did not receive the job. As she pauses, she hears an ambulance pass by. Vahini remarks that the area is not home to a temple but a mall. Jeevika suggests that someone may be in need inside the ambulance, prompting her to offer a prayer for them. A young girl accidentally drops a heart-shaped cushion on the ground, which Jeevika kindly picks up and returns to her. At this moment, Satvik appears and approaches the same girl who turns out to be Supriya. He warmly greets her and suggests they sit down for a chat. After noticing some of the gifts he had given her in the past, Satvik reflects on how he acquired these items and confesses that he now knows how to win her over.

She mentions that I came to return it. He responds by expressing his desire to speak with her first. Taking the rose, he begins to count down as he proposes marriage, but she insists they part ways. Satvik suggests they both rest for the night and talk again tomorrow. Despite their love for each other, he acknowledges that his prank was not appropriate and apologizes for his cold hands. Supriya calls out to Satvik, declaring this as their final meeting and not a joke. She firmly states that it’s over between them. As tears fill his eyes, Satvik reassures himself that he will fix things.

“He says, Supriya, please don’t punish Papa for my actions. He’s in the hospital and his condition is critical. He insists on not having surgery until I am married, so I promised to bring his future daughter-in-law. However, she expresses her regret and explains that she cannot help him. She urges him not to ask for anything and asks for forgiveness if possible. She adds that he’s in a critical state and suggests they visit him at the hospital together. But unfortunately, we won’t see each other again.” She gets up and leaves everything behind, including the gifted items which end up breaking.

As Jeevika browses through the items in the mall, Vahini brings up the possibility of her obtaining a fake certificate. She then asks about the quality of a purse while also questioning Jeevika’s need to work if her brother is supporting her financially. Pointing to a showpiece of a mother holding her baby, Jeevika expresses her desire to purchase it for her own mother. As Supriya leaves and Satvik follows, he accidentally bumps into Jeevika, causing her to slip and nearly fall over the railing. However, she manages to regain her balance before ultimately slipping on some water and falling. In a panicked state, Satvik pushes Supriya aside and rushes down the escalator to save Jeevika. Vahini arrives at the scene and watches in tears as Satvik carries an unconscious Jeevika into his car. He apologizes for unintentionally causing harm as he speeds off with Vahini urging their driver to drive faster.
The doctor questioned Satvik’s father about his unpreparedness for the operation, informing him that Dr. Ashok would have to leave after the surgery. Narayan Bhosle refused to comply, but Bhabhi reminded him of Satvik’s promise to bring his wife and fulfill his dream. She urged him to put on the gown despite his distrust towards Satvik. Narayan agreed to wait longer if Satvik also agreed. With Jeevika in tow, Satvik instructed the nurse to inform Dr. Pradhan of her Savitri silk case. However, Vahini interrupted him from calling their family as they headed to the operating room. As Jeevika looked at him in a dazed state, she reached out for his hand and he held it tightly.
The nurses and ward boy take the stretcher inside. Satvik leaves her hand. Dr. Megha comes there. Satvik asks her to make the girl fine. Bhabhi comes there and looks at Satvik. Narayan is told that your son’s marriage can take place later, but not this operation. Satvik comes to the hospital, removing his blood stained jacket outside, and tells his Papa you will be fine shortly after the operation.
In order for his family to move forward, Narayan tells Nurse to take the gown and other items. Satvik says we will discuss this later since every moment is important. Narayan tells him to think about this. His condition deteriorates and he says he will do whatever you say, deal. Satvik holds his hand and says he will do whatever you want. Bhabhi says Satvik can do anything for you.
Aai and Swara come to the hospital. Vahini tells them that Jeevika is going to be operated on. Aai becomes worried and says operation. She insists on meeting her and tears. Vahini says our Bappa will handle everything. Swara asks how she fell from a height suddenly, what happened.
Bhabhi inquires about what happened, and Satvik explains that he sprinted to catch up with Supriya, but he’s unsure how it all unfolded. Bhabhi reassures him that she will handle everything. Satvik reminds her that as long as Supriya is recovering, he feels responsible for her well-being. Bhabhi then reminds him that his siblings also need his attention and care. She urges him to trust her to handle the situation. Shlok approaches Satvik to check on his well-being and inquire about Supriya’s condition. He also questions why Satvik promised their father for marriage. Meanwhile, Aai worries for Jeevika and sheds tears. Swara contacts Pradeep and requests him to come home soon. Vahini questions their late arrival, and Swara explains they were arranging for money. Vahini argues over the use of their fixed deposit and suggests using it instead of her missing necklace. Aai intervenes and pleads them not to argue while Swara agrees to pick up Jhanvi from school by herself.
Then Shlok asks Satvik how he can agree to their Papa. Aadhya tears, and Shlok hugs her. Juhi is still looking at her mobile. Aadhya says we lost Mummy and Akash Bhaiyya first. Taking Satvik aside, Shlok asks about the bloodstains on his clothes. He asks if everything is okay with Aadhya. Satvik says yes, and asks him to take care of her.
Vahini approaches the receptionist with a question regarding Jeevika’s bill. The receptionist quickly reassures her that all payments have been taken care of. However, Vahini requests that she double check just to be sure. Curious, she asks who made the payment. The receptionist informs her that it was Satvik Bhosle, the same person who brought Jeevika to the hospital. This news brings joy to Vahini and she inquires about the total amount paid so far. The receptionist confirms that 2.5 lakhs has been paid and all remaining bills have also been settled in advance. Vahini ponders over Satvik’s generosity, considering him either wealthy or feeling guilty for causing the accident. She concludes that he must have saved his chain as well.
Jeevika is fine and will gain consciousness in a while. The doctor says both her ovaries have been damaged and she cannot become pregnant at this point. Aai asks what does that mean? The doctor replies that she cannot become pregnant.
precap: Vahini asks Satvik’s bhabhi to get Jeevika married to Satvik. The bhabhi tells Satvik’s father-in-law that she has chosen a girl for Satvik, and her name is Jeevika Rane.

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