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Kumkum Bhagya 13th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on worldofentertainment.in

After Manpreet asks Prachi to give the ring to Ranbir and Mihika, Prachi gives the ring. As Ranbir holds Mihika’s hand, he asks if it is okay if we do the engagement directly without practice. He says we can make each other wear rings, we aren’t kids. He says let Pandit Ji come. Abhay says ok. The performance starts with Ranbir and Mihika dancing to the song main chod aayi ghar.

Ranbir daydreams about dancing with Prachi to the song “Oh Maiyya Menu Yaad…” but is brought back to reality when he sees Mihika and starts dancing with her. Pallavi notices them, while Vishaka catches her eye. The surrounding crowd applauds Ranbir and Mihika’s performance. Meanwhile, Prachi becomes upset and walks away, followed by Shahana. Pallavi then approaches Vikram and asks him to join her in a private conversation. She expresses her concerns and doubts about Ranbir and Mihika’s relationship, which she was unable to discuss earlier due to Ranbir’s interruption. Pallavi openly questions whether it would be wise for them to get married, as she personally feels it may not be a good idea.

Dida inquires why Vikram made such a statement, to which he responds that Ranbir had just mentioned how Prachi was able to move on and wondered why he couldn’t do the same. Pallavi questions if he only bought this house to move on, stating that it belongs to Prachi and he acquired it for that purpose. Dida remarks that she is being overly critical, but Pallavi insists they observe what is truly happening. Vikram urges her not to look for things that aren’t there, while Pallavi appeals for them to understand why Ranbir wants to marry there- because Prachi is present. Running clarifies that his decision is not based on Prachi, but rather fate and asks if they will accept and comprehend the truth if he tells them. Pallavi presses for an explanation of what truth he means.

Mihika returns to Mayank and is informed by Pradeep that Mayank refused to go to the hospital. Mayank inquires if she had spoken to everyone, to which she responds negatively and reassures him that Ranbir does not have any romantic feelings for her. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, Mayank suggests they run away from their current situation. However, Mihika disagrees and puts her faith in Ranbir’s support due to her love for Mayank. When Mayank doubts Ranbir’s intentions, Mihika remembers his explanation about lying about his feelings for her father’s benefit. She clears up any confusion by stating that Ranbir is only helping her because he saw her vulnerable state when Mayank suddenly left her. She then leaves the room while Mayank confides in his friend about his newly found wealth.

While talking to Pallavi, Ranbir reveals that he met Mihika on Prachi and Akshay’s wedding day. Upon hearing this, Pallavi assumes that Ranbir wants to marry Mihika. Vikram intervenes and suggests letting Ranbir explain his intentions. Pallavi questions why Ranbir would want to marry Mihika, wondering if it has something to do with staying close to Prachi and having her around him. Dida believes that if Ranbir and Prachi truly love each other and want to be together, nothing can stand in their way. Seeking clarification, Vikram asks Ranbir directly why he wants to marry Mihika if he loves Prachi. In response, Ranbir admits leaving Rhea at the altar twice because of his feelings for Prachi and points out that if she married Akshay for love, then there should not be any issues with him choosing Mihika for the same reason.

Pallavi inquires of Ranbir’s trustworthiness. He reassures her that his marriage to Mihika is solely for Mihika, with no involvement from Prachi. He clarifies that he has no intention to provoke jealousy or become closer to her. Vikram affirms that everything is now transparent and confirms that Ranbir and Mihika will not reside here after the wedding. He asks Pallavi if she now trusts Ranbir, knowing that he genuinely loves Mihika and desires only her hand in marriage. To this, Pallavi responds confidently, stating her faith in her son as sufficient. She expresses contentment with the marriage arrangement at present.

Pradeep inquires Mayank about his presence, as Mihika had asked him to stay in the room. Mayank responds that he is pretending to be nice to her and will not let her dictate him. Ranbir arrives and leaves the scene. Pradeep reveals that he is Mihika’s fiance. Mayank discloses that although he considered marrying her, after seeing her true colors, he called off the engagement. Pradeep questions what Mayank would do if Mihika chose to marry someone else. Mayank firmly states that he will not allow it and will resort to extreme measures if necessary to control her. Aryan approaches Ranbir and asks if there is any problem, since Pallavi and Vikram are on one side while Dida is with him. Ranbir questions why Aryan is following him around. Aryan requests an explanation from Ranbir.

Rhea informs Pallavi that she won’t let Ranbir marry Mihika and that he doesn’t know what she wants. Mihika asks who she is?

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