Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2024 Written Update Khushi Confronts Poorvi at Muh Dikhayi

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Kumkum Bhagya 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The episode’s opening shows RV discussing the business’s ups and downs with Armaan, whom he admires for his knowledge in the field. RV extends an invitation to Armaan for Poorvi’s muh dikhayi, to which Armaan responds by saying he needs to pick up his kidnapped wife and will try to make it. This causes RV to think about Khushi’s concerns over Poorvi’s safety and how she will react once he executes his plan.

Yug says he is a nice guy. RV thinks about the past. Khushi calls Armaan and thinks he never picks up her phone when she is in need. She decides to go to the RV’s house to save Poorvi. Harman tells Harleen Dadu wanted to dance with him. When he asks Harleen why she is upset, he asks her to explain. RV brought Harleen, her sister, here, so she didn’t want her reflection to fall here.

Harman expresses his concern but assures his support for his son. He trusts in his son’s decisions and asks for Harleen’s trust. Harleen acknowledges her son’s suffering, and Harman reminds her to focus on the good, such as RV. Harleen questions why she is overthinking since it is only one more day until Poorvi leaves, and they won’t see her again. She then brings up their elder daughter’s situation and laments the type of in-laws she has. Harman regrets their past mistake.

Deepika arrives with clothes for Poorvi and inquires if she is ready. Poorvi assures her that she is, having completed her hair and makeup. Deepika then proceeds to mock and ridicule Poorvi’s appearance, commenting that RV is beautiful, and it does not mean that Poorvi is unattractive. She urges Poorvi to finish getting ready and join the others. An anxious Poorvi observes Harman and the other guests dancing. Suddenly, she is startled by someone calling out to her. The guests request Harleen to perform a song for them. Harman expresses his admiration for Harleen’s singing abilities, confessing to being smitten by her talent. Despite this, Harleen insists that the event is meant for women only. Dada ji and Harman share their desire to witness the muh dikhayi rasam as they have now become dadas and sasurs. The rest of the group also chimes in regarding their new titles.

As Prachi arrives at Khushi’s room, she finds her not there. Poorvi gets ready and thinks about Harleen’s words. Prachi calls her and tells her that she looks like an angel. Poorvi becomes emotional. Prachi asks what is wrong with her. Poorvi says she misses them. Prachi tells her to give herself some time. Damini arrives. Prachi tells her to provide Poorvi with love, saying she will receive so much love from us. Poorvi ends the call.

Poorvi gets nervous and calls RV when Damini asks her to talk to her Mayka family less and mingle with her new family. Yug asks RV to pick up the call. RV refuses and says we will go home, then he will speak with her. He plays music. Poorvi thinks, what to do now? Damini comes and asks Poorvi to come downstairs. Poorvi asks her to come down. Damini covers Poorvi’s head with her dupatta and says today is your muh dikhayi.

Dada Ji says we will even give her a shagun. Dadi sees Poorvi coming and tells her we will sing the badhayi ho badhayi song before we start muh dikhayi. Khushi sees Poorvi sitting there for muh dikhayi.


Khushi lifts Poorvi’s veil and insists on talking to her about RV. RV comes there, and a lady comes there.

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