Agnisakshi 26th July 2023 Written Episode: Satvik’s Heartbreak and Jeevika’s Decision


Agnisakshi 26th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Satvik telling Jeevika that now is the time to fulfill her other dream. When he takes Jeevika into the house, he tells her he has brought the moon to her. Jeevika sees the moon reflecting in the water and smiles. She finds Satvik going and calls his name. He opens the firefly jar and says, “This is your third dream.” He frees the fireflies, and Jeevika smiles.

As Satvik holds Jeevika, he muses about how love and fireflies can light up a world like no other. He recalls an angel who wished for a place where the moon and its light are abundant, along with other unique wonders. He leads her to another spot, much to her surprise. Satvik assures Jeevika that he will make all her desires come true, as she is his angel and he is her devoted jinn. He asks for her wishes while she becomes emotional. Satvik finally confesses that it took him some time to realize his true feelings for her, but now he knows they belong together and promises to make it right now.

He explains that he had been holding back on expressing his love for her, wanting the perfect moment to make it memorable. When Swara mentioned your dream, I finally knew what to do. I realize my idea may not be original, but growing up watching movies has influenced me. As he gets down on one knee and presents a ring, he declares his love for Jeevika and promises always to cherish her, trust her, confide in her, meet her needs, and celebrate every moment with her. He also asks if she is waiting for him and loves him just as he is before turning to the question of spending their lives together. Jeevika’s response surprises Satvik as she requests a divorce from him. Shocked, he repeats, “Divorce?” and asks if that’s really what she said.

After six months, Jeevika informs Satvik that she wants a divorce. Satvik is shocked and shattered. She says we will get a divorce, and I have also spoken to a lawyer. Jeevika leaves while Satvik still holds the ring box in his hand. He drops the ring box. I like the Agnisakshi song because it reminds me of myself. Rajnandini says we will know to twist the truth, so she manipulates Sukanya to tell Jeevika the truth.

Satvik comes behind Jeevika and says you’re kidding, right and asks whose idea it was. He thinks it must have been Shlok or Mana’s idea, and my heartbeat has increased. Jeevika says no, I’m not joking. She asks why I can’t ask for divorce now when I can on the first day. Satvik says things and feelings have changed. Jeevika says I don’t care about you anymore.

Satvik asks why you are punishing me. Jeevika says we can’t be together and must be separated. He asks her why. As Jeevika says, this isn’t antakshiri but a relationship that must be ended and was always going to end. Satvik says they’re destined to be together and will never separate. Jeevika brushes off his hand and leaves. Satvik cries. Agnisakshi plays….

Satvik thinks what has happened and believes he must have some flaw. Jeevika cries, sitting on the bench, and asks why this happened. Satvik says I want Satvik’s love and support, so why did this happen? Satvik says whoever I love, stay away. Jeevika says my love is close to me, but I can’t get him. She says I broke his dreams, and he has fulfilled all of my dreams. They cry. A song called Manzilein begins.


Narayan asks Jeevika to return soon. Jeevika says she wants to leave now. Satvik searches for her and finds the saree in the box. He calls her.

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