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Agnisakshi 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Satvik informing Aadhya that he will eat once Jeevika returns, and they can share a meal. He leaves, and Aadhya breaks down in tears. Shlok joins her, wondering why she is crying. Aadhya questions why this tragedy has occurred to her brother. Shlok suggests that maybe it was fate’s way of bringing someone good like Vahini into their lives. Aadhya asks if there have been any updates on her whereabouts. Shlok shares that the police have not found her deceased body but believe she may no longer be alive. He doubts this belief, while Aadhya confesses how much she misses her sister-in-law.

Pradeep and Swara ask Sukanya to eat. Swara says you cannot have medicine if you don’t have food. Sukanya says she has difficulty breathing. Pradeep says we haven’t lost her and that she will return. He says I agree with Satvik. Swara says not only us but Jiju is also waiting for her. Pradeep says even Aai is waiting for her. Sukanya weeps.

Satvik checks in with a colleague about Jeevika’s whereabouts and reprimands him. Manas suggests they grab a bite, but Satvik declines, citing his plans to visit the police station and speak with a private detective. Manas expresses concern for Satvik’s well-being, to which Satvik responds optimistically, stating that everything will be fine once Jeevika returns. Manas tries to make him face reality and accept that Jeevika may not come back, but Satvik insists on holding onto hope. He reminds Manas of their promise always to be together and assures him that as long as he is alive, Jeevika will be, too. He asks Manas not to disturb him as he receives a call from the detective.

Juhi talks to Rajnandini and says the celebration would have been grand if you were here. She asks when Sundari will stay here. Rajnandini says something. Juhi asks what? Sundari says Madam sent me to stay here forever, and Madam went on a secret mission to Bangalore. She asked me to keep an eye on you, as maybe you would make a mistake. She says I don’t know what you eat or drink. Juhi says okay.

Unable to fall asleep, Satvik reflects on his memories with Jeevika. As the song “Agnisakshi” plays in the background, he wonders about her whereabouts and expresses frustration at the police’s misunderstanding. Believing that she is playing a game of hide and seek with him, he eagerly anticipates her surprise. Unable to rest without her, Satvik vows to continue searching for her as they deeply love each other. Tears streaming down his face, he reminisces about their beautiful moments together and begs for a miracle from God to bring Jeevika back to him. Without her, Satvik admits that he is lost and cannot imagine living without her in his life.

Sukanya informs Swara that she will not light a diya in front of Krishna God even if he gets angry with her on this Janmashtami. She says she’s furious with him because he didn’t bring Jeevika to cheer me up. Swara asks her not to cry. She asks why I should do something for him and why I should do his puja. Sukanya hugs Jhanvi and cries. Jhanvi says I have prayed to God to return Aatya, and she used to tell me God doesn’t refuse prayers from children.

Satvik decorates the temple for Janmashtami and asks the Servant to bring flowers. Lata says do not do this without your consent until you overcome the pain. Satvik says he is doing it willingly and says Jeevika used to believe in puja and used to say I was her Krishna, so she could not live apart from him. Shlok feels terrible for him. Aadhya says Bhaiyya doesn’t want to accept that Vahini will not return. They cry. Lata says you will not know until God tests this family.

Sundari asks why are you celebrating? Juhi says being happy is not enough. Sundari says everyone is sad. Juhi says Satvik is unfortunate, and I don’t need to shed my precious tears. Sundari asks how this happened and how Jeevika fell from the mountain cliff by herself. She asks who told her she fell by herself and says she has been punished. In a smile, she says she feels sorry for Satvik since he will be hopeful all his life that Jeevika will come, and he will keep dying every day.

As Maayi arrives at Savitri Nivas, Sundari halts her. Satvik pleads with Sundari to let her in. Upon hearing this, Maayi reveals that she bears a message from God – that their prayers have been answered. This news fills Satvik with hope, and he exclaims that she must not have come alone. Anticipating someone else to join them, Maayi calls out for Jeevika to appear. To everyone’s surprise and delight, Jeevika arrives at the scene. While Jeevika’s appearance takes aback Sundari and Juhi, Satvik fondly remembers their marriage and becomes emotional upon seeing her. As Jeevika steps into the house, Satvik embraces her and expresses his fear of her sudden disappearance. However, his joy quickly turns to shock as Jeevika pushes him away and demands to know who he is.


Shlok asks Maayi why Bhabhi does not recognize Bhaiyya. Maayi says God returned Jeevika but snatched her memory.

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