Anupama 1st January 2024 Written Episode Update: Anuj Investigates Joshi Ben’s Identity

Anupama written update

Anupama 1st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anuj turns to Shruti and inquires about her certainty regarding the identity of both the woman named Joshi Ben and the restaurant where their suitcases were switched. Shruti confidently insists that although the woman’s voice in the video is different, she does wear the same bracelet as the one in her photo. She also questions why someone with such a well-known television channel would choose to work in a restaurant. She suggests that Anuj prepare a dish using one of the many available recipes. As Anuj ponders the situation, he compares it to throwing a stone into still water, causing ripples and stirring up his restlessness.

The chef compliments your skills as a chef, even though you currently work here as a cleaner. Vikram makes a snide comment about this arrogant guy’s restaurant. Anupama reprimands Vikram, reminding him to respect our boss, who is why our household can function. Vikram retorts that the restaurant relies on their hard work. She emphasizes that no task is insignificant. The chef mentioned that he forbade us from making Gujarati food. Vikram warns that if we continue working here, we’ll become just as mad as our boss and deserve better. Anupama notices Yashpal listening in and tries to signal them to stop, but it falls on deaf ears.

The head chef claims I’ve worked here for three years, yet I’ve never seen him smile. Vikram adds that he’s been working here for 30 years and has yet to see the chef smile. It seems the chef doesn’t know the meaning of a smile. Vikram jokes that when the chef was born, he probably scolded the nurse for a messy room. Yashpal interrupts, questioning why everyone is laughing. Anupama starts to worry that her boss will fire her. Yashpal asserts that this is his restaurant and the staff is his. Vikram clarifies that they are talking about Yashpal and how he’s turned the kitchen into a place for gossip and making fun of their boss. He reminds Anupama that one bad apple can spoil the rest, which has never happened before. Embarrassed, Anupama apologizes to her boss before leaving.

When Yashpal asks Vikram why he is working here if he has so much trouble with him, Vikram says I love you, sir, and then he says I hate you, sir…Yashpal asks what? Vikram tells Yashpal about Anupama’s online cooking channel, which has lakh followers. Yashpal looks at the video. She is working here because of your good luck, not her helplessness. She carries the magic of mother in her recipe.

Anuj feeds food to Aadhya. Shruti whispers to Anuj that it is Joshi Ben’s wonder. Aadhya thanked him and said she would eat it in her room. Anuj says Aadhya hasn’t told me what happened until now. Upon reaching teenage, she says parents will have access to a parenting guide to help them understand them. Anupama believes she cannot lose her job because she lives with her extended family. She says we will make her meet the counselor.

She hugs Anuj and asks why he behaves like a hero from the 80s. Her mother texted her to ask if she had discussed marriage with Anuj. She apologizes to Anuj and tells him that you know Indian parents. Anuj asks her to let her know that after 2 months, they will be in India, and then they can talk about marriage. Shruti hugs Anuj and gets happy. Shruti thinks Shruti is important in Aadhya’s life, so he will not delay the marriage.

Upon receiving Titu’s call, Dimpy’s unease grows as she remembers Vanraj’s threat. She hesitantly answers, only to quickly end the call. However, Titu calls her back and pleads for her to deny that the call was accidental. He informs her of his impending return in two days and expresses how much he misses her. In response, Dimpy reveals that she is a widow with a young son who her family cherishes. She explains that her father disapproves of her talking to other men and begs Titu to stop contacting her through calls or messages, pleading that he is jeopardizing her life. She urges him to leave immediately. Tapish reassures that he will abide by Dimpy’s wishes and refrain from contacting her further.

Another chef records Anupama’s cooking video. Vikram asks Anupama to show her face, but Anupama refuses. Vikram says ok and asks what she will make next. Anupama tells him what she will make so the upset children feel better. Shruti gets the notification and checks. She saw Joshi Ben’s new video and said it was exactly what we wanted. Anuj starts making it. Vikram says you are a rockstar.

Yashpal’s mother scolds Anupama for not seeing her call or message. She says she made rotis for her and then waited for him. He says he’s busy. She says you don’t move even a spoon and says you’re busy. The man says there are other projects in the restaurant. Don’t come here. I’m not 60, like you, but I’m 80, and even guys look at me when I walk down the lane.

Anupama asks Vikram about her. He says she’s his mother and comes here whenever he’s late. Yashpal asks Vikram to make tea for his Maa. Vikram says he’s running late for a date. Anupama says she will make tea and tells Yashpal that Vikram made tea.

The mother of Yashpal says the restaurant is clean and shiny, everything is in order and asks if the staff has changed. Anupama brings tea to her and serves it to Yashpal’s lady. Anupama says Vikram bhai made tea and left. Yashpal’s mother drinks tea and says I have tasted everyone’s tea and know it. She says you made this tea, and Yashpal says she is Anupama, a cleaner, and she doesn’t make tea. Annapurna reaches the kitchen anyway, according to his mother.


Anupama wakes up and sees Aadhya’s face. Aadhya sees Anupama’s photo on Shruti’s laptop and gets shocked. Shruti says she is Joshi Ben and asks Anuj to look at the picture. Aadhya watches.

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