Anupama 6th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 6th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kinjal compliments Dimpy’s appearance, stating that she looks beautiful as a bride. Dimpy expresses her gratitude. Kinjal then clarifies that she sees Dimpy as her sister rather than just a sister-in-law when she enters the Shah household, as she is now married to Anupama’s son. Dimpy recalls Barkha’s advice to not be like other vulnerable daughter-in-laws, and instead stand up for herself and act gracefully even if she has to hide her true feelings. Kinjal advises Dimpy on how to let go of any ego and wholeheartedly accept her in-laws as her own family, leaving behind any past conflicts.

Dimpy thinks Kinjal is sweet, but she is not and won’t change her mind. Leela watches Meenu serve juice to guests with Bhairavi and asks Meenu to play. She asks Bhairavi to serve juice to guests. Kanta notices that and sends Bhairavi to play with Meenu. Kanta asks Leela why she differentiates between Meenu and Bhairavi. Leela replies that Meenu is dear to her and Bhairavi is a stranger. Kanta says she ought to differentiate between children.

Leela asks Anupama if Bhairavi sells vegetables. Bhairavi tells Leela she does one good job and 10 bad jobs every day. Even though she sells vegetables to protect her self-esteem and helps with household chores willingly, Anupama does not believe they should force her to work; she is also their daughter, like Pari and Meenu. Kanta says Bhairavi is going to America because of fate, and not because of their favor. Anupama says Leela treated Little Anu before.

Leela says Anupama keeps repeating her mistakes and brings strangers home to backstab her. Bhairavi respects and loves Anupama, which Leela can’t even imagine; Kanta says strangers are better than Leela; nobody will give her and Vanraj the pain in seven lives that they did; Leela will never know that. Kanta says Anupama is not homeless and her mother’s house belongs to her. Leela says Anupama brought Maaya home, who took over the house she lived in.

Anupama urges Leela to relax and enjoy her grandson’s wedding, despite her reservations. However, Leela argues that she cannot possibly enjoy the event when she despises the bride-to-be, Dimpy Dragon She also mentions Anupama leaving for USA and Dimpy Dragon joining their family. Kanta suggests cancelling the wedding and taking Samar home, or at least voicing her displeasure in private to spare them. Leela defends herself by saying that she confided in Kanta as a loved one. Anupama intervenes and asks Kanta to calm down, knowing Leela will not change her stance. As Leela walks away muttering, she notices two women with veils on their faces and immediately accuses them of being thieves or freeloaders. Upon searching their bag, she finds a bridal veil and kalire/bangles – items associated with Indian weddings. Dimpy identifies the woman as her mother and bursts into tears while hugging her.

Anupama expresses how grateful she is for Dimpy’s mother’s presence, as it completes the wedding. She also takes this opportunity to apologize for any past misunderstandings. Furthermore, Anupama kindly requests that her mother attend her daughter’s bidayi before leaving. As Dimpy and her mother embrace each other emotionally, a folk song softly plays in the background. Once composed, Dimpy’s mother adjusts her veil and bangles. Samar is then introduced to Dimpy’s mother, who warmly welcomes him into the family. However, instead of Samar touching her feet, Dimpy’s mother reminds him that he is now considered a brother-in-law. Anupama then chimes in by saying that a sister-in-law is like a son too, prompting Samar to humbly touch his new relative’s feet. Leela adds that although Samar was once known as Dampu to Dimpy, he has now become like a puppet to her own as well.

Anupama, Vanraj, and Anuj apologize to her for misjudging her. Their mother takes responsibility for coming here under a false identity. Leela queries why she felt the need to hide her face. Answering, their mother admits she feels ashamed for not being there for her daughter when she needed it. She elaborates on how her husband is still angry with Dimpy, but as a mother, she couldn’t resist attending her daughter’s wedding. Leela praises her good manners and suggests she should have taught them to Dimpy as well. Inquiring if Dimpy did something wrong, Anupama assures that everything is fine. Hasmukh directs Samar and Dimpy to the mandap. Their mother proudly proclaims that while she gave birth to Dimpy, Anupama is truly like a mother to her.


Dimple and Samar get married. When Gurumaa attends a wedding, Anupama is happy. Anuj protects Gurumaa’s foot from stepping on something.

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