Anupama 5th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 5th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anupama informs Anuj that the first step is always considered to be the hardest, but sometimes even the final step can pose a challenge. Toshu playfully remarks on how the bride’s family has made perfect preparations, prompting him to find flaws as the groom’s family. Dolly reminds Leela of her responsibilities and they all share a laugh together. Excitedly, Anuj showers Anupama with flowers, declaring that this house will always belong to her. He fondly remembers seeing her dance during their wedding procession and knew that this day would come eventually. Even though their relationship may not be the same as before, she is still connected to this house and everything he possesses will be hers forever. Urging her to gather courage, he invites her inside their home on the eve of their son’s wedding. As Anupama takes her steps over the flower petals and enters, they are reminded of the time when Anuj first brought her into Kapadia house. In his mind, Anuj recites a heartfelt poem.

Leela informs Dolly that they must have spent a significant amount on decorations. Dolly comments that it must have been at least 10-15 lakhs. Surprised, Leela questions the cost of these flowers and leaves. Dolly advises her to focus on enjoying her son’s wedding rather than worrying about such expenses. Leela remarks that Maaya is acting as if she owns the house. Curious, Dolly asks why this bothers her. Leela notices someone hiding behind the curtains but is taken away by Dolly. As Anupama lights a lamp in the home temple and arranges flowers on a table, she apologizes to Anuj for correcting things in her own home. In response, Anuj reassures her that there is nothing wrong with taking care of one’s own house and he plans to put up a sign to remind her that it belongs to her. He then asks for her opinion on the decoration and hospitality, to which Anupama replies positively.

Maaya notices them talking and sends Anuj away, explaining that panditji was calling her. Upon entering her own house as a guest, she stops Anupama to ask if she is feeling alright. Anupama assures her that she stopped feeling upset long ago; she simply had a fair fight and respected another mother’s feelings. However, when she was waiting for her turn, Maaya backstabbed her. Maaya admits to this and explains that she is solely focused on establishing herself and isn’t bothered about what may be right or wrong. She took advantage of Anupama being preoccupied with her son and ended up taking over Anuj and Little Anu; it was simply a stroke of good luck for her and bad luck for Anupama. But Anupama reminds Maaya that the events unfolded were not solely based on fate, but also due to Maaya’s true nature. And as fate has its way of changing, Maaya shouldn’t worry too much about what is right or wrong because Kanhaji will make things right in due time.

Leela comments that Dimpy is receiving a lot of attention from the Kapadia family, despite being an outsider. This angers everyone, and the family reminds Leela to be mindful of her words. Dolly assumes that Leela must be referring to Anuj in a positive light. However, Leela clarifies that she is praising Anuj for his hospitality towards strangers – first Little Anu, then Dimpy, and now Maaya, who have all been treated generously in his home. She remarks that even Dolly entered as a helpless girl but is now living luxuriously as if it’s her own house. Hasmukh apologizes to the Kapadias on behalf of Leela, explaining that he cannot control what she says. Leela questions why he is apologizing when they haven’t done anything wrong. Barkha interjects, mentioning how Leela has a habit of creating trouble for others. Ankush then steps in to break up the conversation. Meanwhile, Leela notices some unfamiliar individuals wearing veils and demands that they reveal themselves. One of them accidentally runs into Bhairavi and they manage to escape while Leela informs Barkha about possible intruders in their home. The two continue their playful

As Panditji welcomes the groom’s family, Anuj presents Vanraj with a garland. Vanraj stops him and asks Kavya to join him. Anupama also asks Kavya to join Vanraj. Anuj garlands them both and welcomes them. As Samar and Dimpy exchange garlands, a romantic song plays in the background. Both couples recall their garland exchange ceremonies.


A thief is caught by Leela, and her bag is checked. Anupama says the wedding is complete with the presence of the mother. Dimpy’s mother prays that Dimple and Samar’s jodi will be filled with love like Anupama and Anuj’s.

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