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The show begins with a voiceover from little Jhanvi, describing her sister Jeevika as someone with a magic touch and golden dreams in her eyes. Despite any worries she may have, Jeevika always wears a smile on her face, her hair dancing freely in the air as if she were walking on clouds. We see Jeevika using a sewing machine to create something. Her sister Swara reminds Jhanvi not to stare at their sister. Jeevika proudly shows them the blouse she has just stitched and asks for their opinion. When they praise her work, Jhanvi expresses her desire to learn sewing from her talented sister. However, Jeevika gently suggests that she grows up first and gets ready for school. Just then, their mother calls for Jhanvi and the little girl scurries off.

Vahini, Jeevika and Swara inform Aai that Jhanvi’s mother is in the kitchen. She explains that while she uses the money saved from her chit fund for household expenses, her son has refused to give her any money this month. Aai questions if he is only her son and not her husband. In response, Jhanvi’s mother clarifies that he is just a son and brother, which is why he has money for everyone else but not for her. Her husband Pradeep keeps the money on the bed to cover expenses and contemplates. Aai suggests that they make do with what they have for a few days. Jhanvi’s mother asks if she should wait until she wins the lottery. Aai joins her husband and asks if the count of 80000 Rs means it will increase, jokingly adding that they would have become Raja by now had that been the case.

According to Jeevika, the house is like a palace to her while he disagrees and says 20000 Rs is not enough. As they are discussing, the doorbell rings. Without hesitation, she opens the door and allows the goon inside, who then takes a seat. Shortly after, Jeevika’s father arrives and calls for Pradeep. Pradeep hands him 11000 Rs and together they give a total of 91000 Rs to the goon. The goon then contacts another associate and instructs them to bring a truck to transport all their furniture and bike. Meanwhile, Jeevika frantically searches for more money before calling Pradeep over. She gives him an additional 8000 Rs that she found in the piggy bank and eventually manages to find another 1000 Rs which she also hands over to him. Just as they hand over the money, Jeevika’s father gives it to the goon who warns them about being punctual with their payments or face worse consequences in the future. Feeling frustrated and angry, Swara questions why they didn’t stand up to him but Pradeep reminds them that they still owe 42 lakhs in total which is

A young lady (Satvik’s Bhabhi) is shown practicing yoga in the garden, followed by a smile. Afterwards, she enjoys a refreshing drink. Jeevika asks her sister for help in delivering clothes to a customer. Swara questions the timing of this request. Jeevika explains that she has an interview to attend. Aai overhears and questions why Jeevika wants to work. Jhanvi’s mother arrives and inquires about the situation. Aai expresses her belief that Jeevika’s aspirations were always centered around marriage and settling down. However, Jhanvi supports her decision, reminding everyone of their financial obligations amounting to 42 lakhs. With blessings from Aai and Vahini, Jeevika sets off for her interview with Swara by her side.

After getting ready, the woman approaches Shlok who is in the middle of a boxing match. She urges him to retire from the sport and he respectfully refers to her as his sister-in-law. Confirming that she has already made arrangements, she then invites him downstairs for the religious ceremony. She proceeds to Aadhya’s room where she is greeted with respect and asked about the doctor’s call. Assuring Aadhya that nothing will go wrong, she moves on to Juhi’s room and reminds her to get ready for the ritual. Upon calling the doctor, she learns that Dr. Ashok is available for surgery today but her father-in-law is refusing to undergo it. Determined, she declares that she will convince her father-in-law and emphasizes that he cannot disregard her words.

Swara inquires with Jeevika about her lack of reaction towards Vahini’s hurtful remarks. She points out how Jeevika handles their sister Jhanvi’s and her own fees, while Vahini spends money recklessly. After parking the scooty, Jeevika asks Swara to deliver some clothes and leaves. The lady then proceeds to do aarti and briefs Shlok, Juhi, and Aadhya about their father. Shlok mentions that their father’s decision depends on Satvik’s approval for marriage. The lady suggests looking for a solution to the problem at hand. Juhi worriedly wonders where is Satvik?

Satvik steps out of his large vehicle and directs someone to contact him promptly at 10:17 am. He enters the office, and an employee tells the rest of the team that they will receive feedback on their design in just 10 seconds. Satvik arrives, admitting he has already reviewed the designs and labels them as subpar. The employee defends the artist, highlighting their impressive credentials as Asia’s top designer with a degree from Paris. However, Satvik remains unimpressed, emphasizing that emotion must be considered in their products since they are targeted towards women. He declares that he is open to hiring a fresh talent instead. Moving on to new business opportunities, Satvik expresses his desire for his father to inaugurate their new branch in Mysore and asks Sampath if his father would approve of this expansion. Sampath confirms that he would be pleased with it. Suddenly, Satvik’s sister-in-law joins them and contradicts Sampath’s statement about their father’s happiness.

During her interview, Jeevika presented her designs to the employer who mentioned the requirement for 5 years of experience. However, Jeevika had no prior experience and explained that this would be her first job due to family issues. The employer advised against being truthful as it could result in losing the opportunity. Jeevika recalled Aaji’s advice about not lying and also mentioned another belief of not keeping slippers upside down. The employer then asked what else she believed in, to which she replied with her dream of having a husband and 2-3 children after 5 years. The employer smiled upon hearing this and asked if she was joking. Jeevika clarified that it was indeed her dream.

Satvik asks his Bhabhi why papa won’t be happy with the expansion. The lady says he has seen expansion and success in business and wants to see you married and stay with your children. He says he’s ready to marry, but Supriya disagrees. He says he sends him gifts each week, but she doesn’t reply like always. She asks him to move on and get married to someone else, but Satvik says he’ll just marry Supriya.

A housewife can be helpless and not an ambition, the employer tells Jeevika. She states her ambition is to become a wife, mother and daughter in law. He asks why should I hire you. She says she has to repay a 42 lakh loan. He likes her honesty and says you can begin tomorrow. Jeevika is delighted. The employer asks if you have not completed your education after 12th and if you have not attended a fashion designing course.

Supriya messaged and called Satvik. He asks her to tell Papa that he will bring his wife today. The lady asks if he will bring her to the hospital. Satvik says he will.

Due to family issues, Jeevika was unable to pursue further studies. Jeevika says she has made these designs herself and asks if qualification is so important. The employer says sorry, we are wasting each other’s time. She goes from there.

As Jeevika approached the temple, she noticed an elderly woman sitting outside. After exchanging greetings, the woman remarked on a certain glow in Jeevika’s eyes. However, Jeevika confessed that they were tears, as she had not landed the job she wanted. The lady reassured her that this was not her ultimate goal and reminded her that today was a chance to meet Krishna. She assured Jeevika that Krishna would come to her in a way even the most imaginative storyteller could not have predicted. Filled with hope, Jeevika continued on her journey as Satvik made his way there in a car to meet Supriya.


After Sadvik proposes to his girlfriend, she breaks up with him and leaves. By mistake, Sadvik chases her, pushing Jeevika. Jeevika falls off the railing, and hangs by a cloth. Sadvik rushes to save her.

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