Agnisakshi 30th January 2023 Written Update


Agnisakshi 30th January 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Satvik seated in the library at his home. Soon, Manas enters and Satvik warmly greets him, asking about his well-being. Manas shares that he just visited their uncle in the hospital. Satvik reciprocates the question and Manas wonders if he will give an honest answer. Reflecting on recent events – Supriya’s departure, their father’s surgery and the accident on the same day – Manas remarks how much has changed in just one day. Satvik reveals that he still calls Supriya every day, but worries that his calls may bother her. He confesses that he is willing to wait for Supriya for as long as it takes, but unfortunately, their father only has a few months left. In this time of need, Satvik affirms that he will do anything for his beloved father.

Manas asks why Bhabhi chose her. Satvik responds that he trusts her more than himself. Raj nandini states that she has gained this trust and acknowledges that Jeevika’s accident was a result of her bad destiny, while Satvik’s forced marriage due to his father’s operation was also a part of his destiny. She also notes that Jeevika and Satvik were both subjected to bad circumstances, but ultimately it was her destiny as she orchestrated their marriage.

Jeevika prompts Jhanvi to recite the poem and assures her not to worry about the upcoming performance. Baba suggests that she take some rest. Pradeep advises Jhanvi to also allow Jeevika to rest and learn from her mother’s talents. He encourages her, saying that with Jeevika’s guidance, she will surely not fail. To this, Jhanvi expresses doubt about her own abilities. Pallavi confidently interjects that she knows who is responsible for teaching such a beautiful piece. Jeevika humbly responds that she is doing well. Swara adds that the poem is about dreams, which draws Baba’s attention to Jeevika as she has always been the one to inspire others with her dreams and determination. He praises her for being someone who prays earnestly for her dreams to come true. Jeevika then reflects on how dreams hold the power to change our destinies if they are not written in our fate. However, Aai intervenes, warning against seeking out or sharing dreams with others. Baba asks why Aai would say something like that, prompting Pradeep to gesture that he will inquire further. He then turns to Aai and

Juhi inquires of Rajnandini whether she will not disclose the truth to Jeevika. Rajnandini advises her to consume almonds for improved memory. Aadhya arrives and confirms that she is prepared. She questions if Satvik will not be joining them at Jeevika’s residence. Rajnandini informs her that Satvik is occupied with other matters. Pallavi then takes Aai to the kitchen under the guise of something and implores her not to reveal anything, or at least refrain from lying. She requests that her silence continue until Jeevika gets married. Aai inquires what happens after the marriage. Pallavi responds, “How can you place your faith in that woman?” To which Aai retorts, “I cannot betray my daughter.” Pradeep overhears their conversation and asks who is betraying whom? Pallavi boldly admits that she is betraying them all by beginning the search for a potential spouse for Jeevika. However, Jeevika interjects and states that she is not yet ready for marriage.

Rajnandini arrived at the house with Juhi and Aadhya. Baba greeted them at the door and Pallavi invited them to take a seat. Juhi explained that they were not acquainted with the family but assumed they were aware of their visit. Baba clarified that he was not informed. Rajnandini introduced herself as Narayan Bhosle’s daughter-in-law from Savitri Nivas. Pallavi then proceeded to introduce her family and revealed that they had come to discuss a potential alliance for Jeevika. Pradeep interjected with “alliance,” to which Pallavi confirmed her surprise upon hearing the news. Aai kindly offered tea or juice, but Rajnandini declined. Pallavi then suggested Jeevika apply some makeup, while Pradeep pulled her away from the group. Juhi mentioned her upcoming class, drawing attention away from the discussion at hand.

Earlier, Pradeep mentioned that you had a conversation and then the alliance arrived at their house. Pallavi expressed her concern for her sister-in-law, causing tension between them. Rajnandini tried to hide her true feelings with a forced smile on her face. Suddenly, Aai entered the room and scolded Pradeep for fighting in a house that was big enough for their voices not to be heard outside. She reminded him of the importance of this alliance and questioned if they were owners of Savitri silks. Rajnandini confirmed this and then asked Jeevika about her hospital visit. When Jeevika replied that she had no issues, Pradeep wanted to know how they knew her. Pallavi explained that it was easy for them to make connections, especially praising Satvik as an eligible bachelor. As Pradeep continued to question Rajnandini about their knowledge of Jeevika, she admitted that she personally did not know her but had met Pallavi at the city hospital where Satvik had taken Jeevika for treatment.

She says he took me to the hospital, Pallavi says just now. Juhi asks Rajnandini if Pallavi used to work in a news channel, but Rajnandini won’t allow anyone to speak. Jeevika says she wants to speak with Pallavi. Pallavi walks with her. Pradeep asks Rajnandini what you did in the hospital. Aadhya says we were waiting for baba to get well as he is also hospitalized there. Pradeep asks Rajnandini what you were doing there.

In response to Jeevika’s question, Pallavi says I spoke with Rajnandini about your marriage after the accident. Jeevika asks how he agreed to marry me without seeing me. Pallavi tells her Satvik saw her when she was unconscious and says that may have been love at first sight. Jeevika says that she is not ready to marry yet.


Baba tells Rajnandini that Satvik should have arrived by now. The lady tells Jeevika that Shri Krishna is kanhaiyya, murli, or satvik. Jeevika says my life partner is Satvik. Pradeep says we will leave. Jeevika asks them to wait.

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