Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th August 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 17th August 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shiv confronting Surilii about her pregnancy. She explains that she had been attempting to share the news with him, but unfortunately, things did not go as planned. Despite her efforts, she ended up finding out about Mohit and Roshni’s affair before getting the chance to tell him. She even tried to inform him the previous night, but he was already asleep. Surilii then hands over her reports and reveals that she is pregnant. As Shiv looks at the sonography picture of their baby, Raghav becomes infuriated. Shortly after, Samar and Swati arrive on the scene. Raghav expresses his discontent with how Shiv and Surilii are being treated by the family and decides to leave in anger.

Samar inquires Swati regarding Roshni, to which she responds that she does not have any information. Determined to find out more, Samar promises to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Shiv apologizes to Surilii and assures her that he had no knowledge of Mohit’s actions. The couple then lovingly talks to their baby and Shiv expresses his deep love for Surilii and his commitment to keeping her happy. He assists her in fixing her maang tika with a smile on his face.

Swati argues with Surilii. She says Shiv will come. Mohit hugs him and takes him to Roshni. Mohit tears as he hugs him. Rani Maa asks where Shiv is. The lights go out. Rani Maa asks them to look. Shiv gets Roshni and Mohit home. The lights come on. Rani Maa asks who is her. Shiv says I will explain everything, some goons attacked Roshni and Mohit at the guest house. She asks who she is and what she was doing in our guesthouse. Surilii says she is my friend and she is from America.

Mithi opens the guest room. Surilii says Roshni has cancer, she underwent surgery and needed care, so we brought her here, sorry if we did anything wrong. Rani Maa says no, you should have informed me. Samar calls his men and asks why you broke things. The man says that we did nothing, we just heard a sound before Shiv arrived. Samar wonders why this happened, then Shiv asks Roshni to rest. Roshni smiles at the palace when she sees it. Samar comes and sees her.

They talk. He says you’re desperate. Roshni says befriend me, I’m helpful. They talk. He asks her to rest. Samar goes. Roshni says I’ll snatch Mohit’s rights. Shiv sees Samar and asks what he’s doing here. Samar says he’s just showing love to his guest. Shiv asks him not to interfere in others’ affairs and stay within his limits. Samar says yes, go take care of her.

He says you don’t know what your friend is doing here, I have to find out. He says I hope you’re comfortable, Mithi will help you. Roshni thanks him. She says congratulations, you and Surilii are becoming parents. Mohit also congratulates him. Shiv says thanks, you’ll be promoted and you’ll get a little sibling. Mohit asks him to spend time with his baby. Shiv says he wishes his father could spend time with him. Roshni cries.


As everyone looks at Shiv and Roshni’s pictures, Shiv says Roshni is my ex. Raghav taunts him.

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