Agnisakshi 31st January 2023 Written Update


Agnisakshi 31st January 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Rajnandini saying that whatever is written in destiny, no one can change it. She says we asked the bride from the God, who we met in the hospital, and she says the story will be very memorable, and says Satvik has all the qualities a girl searches for in a life partner, and she is sure Satvik will take good care of Jeevika like you have done for her. She tells that she has brought shagun for her.

According to Pradeep, shagun can be given anywhere except this house. He apologizes but clarifies that this alliance cannot take place. Just then, Rajnandini, Juhi and Aadhya arrive. Following them are Jeevika and Pallavi. Pallavi requests him to listen to her first before making a decision. He explains that he has heard a lot about Satvik’s qualities, but Jeevika cannot make a decision without meeting him in person. He asks about the whereabouts of the person she has been praising so highly. Meanwhile, Satvik is on a call and expresses his preference for someone who not only has a sense in fashion but also respects culture over popular designers.

He says if the designer isn’t here, call from another city, and offer such a large amount of money that they can’t refuse. Satvik says his wife went to see the girl you will marry. Manas asks who will marry you, or Bhabhi. Baba apologizes to Rajnandini and tells that Satvik or his father should be here. Juhi says Tai’s decisions are final. Rajnandini says Papa is not able to come, and Satvik was busy. Baba asks her to call him next time.

Rajnandini arranges a meeting at Bappa’s temple, to which everyone agrees. Manas reminds Satvik that he should have spoken to Jeevika, but Satvik dismisses it, saying that Supriya’s rejection makes no difference now. Pallavi emerges and offers her apologies to Rajnandini. She explains that Pradeep is attached to Jeevika and emotionally invested in the potential alliance. Rajnandini confidently states that the relationship will come to fruition, as even God cannot resist her determination once she sets her mind on something. With that, she leaves. Pallavi reflects on how she had lectured Rajnandini before leaving. Pradeep voices his disapproval of the alliance and asserts that they will not “sell” their daughter to rich people. Pallavi responds by suggesting they could sell her instead and reveals that Aai (their mother) was aware of the proposal. Pradeep insists that Jeevika must like him.

The Rajnandini tells Satvik that they insist they meet him. Satvik agrees and says he will come directly after meeting. He asks if you told her about Supriya. Rajnandini says she told her bhabhi, as she thought Jeevika is still mentally ill. She says someone should tell her in a way that is correct. Satvik says ok and leaves. When did you tell her bhabhi? Rajnandini replies that I spoke to her bhabhi when you were sitting in the car.

Aadhya says okay and goes to sleep. Swara asks Jeevika to see Satvik’s photo in the mobile. Jeevika is upset. Swara says this was your dream. Jeevika says everything is going so fast, my life has never been so fast as it is now. Swara asks her to become a rockstar and not a rudali if God has given her the opportunity to be a heroine. Jeevika says she wants not to cry in the future, so she won’t make a decision in a hurry until 42 lakhs have been cleared.

As they arrive at Bappa’s temple, Pallavi implores Bappa to consider his Aayi’s words. Pradeep remains unconvinced and asks about Jeevika’s whereabouts. Pallavi responds that she is likely with Bappa. Pradeep asserts that no one should pressure her into marriage. Swara adds that even Jeevika Tai is unhappy with the proposal, just like the rest of them. As they all pray to Bappa, Pallavi believes that no one leaves empty-handed from here. Meanwhile, inside the temple, Jeevika also prays to God, expressing her uncertainty about her current situation. She feels as though fate is forcing her towards a destination she’s not ready for, and something is holding her back. She acknowledges that marriage is not just about two people compromising, but rather aligning their thoughts, values, and ideals. While she’s excited about the prospect of marriage, she admits that she cannot go through with it until she helps Baba repay his debt. In a final plea to Bappa for courage, Jeevika asks for strength to tell Baba her true feelings.

Manas is driving the car, while sitting on the left hand seat. Satvik shares how handling the business after Udkarsh Dada left was a challenge for him. Manas then asks about Supriya and Satvik replies that he will speak the truth. Jeevika later arrives at the temple to meet Maayi, who calls her Rukmini and expresses her confusion. Jeevika explains that she must postpone her dreams in order to fulfill her family’s responsibilities. Maayi reminds Jeevika that humans often have their plans disrupted, possibly by divine intervention. She mentions a similar incident from the past where Jeevika had to change course due to unexpected circumstances.

According to Jeevika, she did not encounter anyone on that day. Maayi chuckles and inquires about who came to her rescue at the time. Jeevika reminds her that it was said he would be her Krishna. Maayi reaffirms that whatever she predicted will come true. Curious, she asks whom Jeevika has come to see today. Jeevika discloses that it is Satvik. Maayi mentions how he is known by different names, such as Krishna, Kanha, Kanhaiyya, Murli or Satvik. She adds that Satvik is also another name of Krishna. With that said, she leaves the conversation. Jeevika expresses her belief that if she could control her fate, it could not have been any better as Shri Krishna and Satvik are one and the same person.


Pradeep says I won’t say yes until Jeevika says yes. Jeevika walks from behind and says yes. Satvik goes to meet Jeevika.

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