Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th July 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 11th July 2023 Written Update on

As the episode begins, Ambitai lies to everyone. Surilii says Diya told her you hurt her and stopped her from telling Monty about him. Ambitai says he cannot hurt a child because he has given 20 years to his family and raised the four boys. She does an emotional drama. She asks Rani Maa to believe her. Surilii says fine, I have a final proof. She asks Ambitai to drink the milk. She says I can’t risk my family’s safety, so you are true, drink this milk, take it.

Everyone worries. Shiv drinks the milk in the glass. Surilii asks why did you drink it, vomit, please. Shiv says relax, poison shows up in 20 mins, if this milk contains poison, it will show up, I was trying to prove Ambitai’s innocence. Shiv sits. The two wait for 20 minutes. Sam asks if you’re okay. Shiv says yes, since the milk has no poison in it. Surilii says yes, you’re fine. He taunts her and leaves in anger. She cries.

Ambitai says I didn’t do anything. Rani Maa says I completely trust you. Everyone gets upset. Ambitai goes to Samar. They dance. He remembers seeing Surilii question, Mithi.

I like Surilii, but she had to lose if we wanted to win. In Shiv’s eyes, she fell, now no one will believe her, game over Surilii.

Suriilii comes to Shiv and says, “I’m doing everything I can for this family”. He says enough, I don’t want to listen. Being a royal sounds cool, but it’s hard. They argue. In his opinion, you acted wrong when you blamed Ambitai because I know her since childhood, so you asked me about her yesterday. He says, “Go and ask her why she’s acting this way.”

She has given her life to this palace for 20 years, she had many chances to kill me, and you should have discussed this with me. Shiv says, “We have to understand each other.” She says, “Wow Shiv, you understand Ambitai, not me, trust me, I’m sure Ambitai is wrong, I’ll prove it to you.” Our family is Ambitai, he says, and maybe I made some meetings a name of love and married you, so we need to understand one another.

Surilii says you think it was a mistake. She cries. Rani Maa calls Surilii. She scolds her. Samar hears their argument. Rani Maa asks her to leave the palace. Surilii says you can curse me, but I won’t leave until the problem is resolved. Swati smiles and taunts her. Samar hears them. Swati is a gold digger, Surilii has a heart of gold, and she’s strong, so I’m going to have fun here.

The Rani Maa asks Surilii to apologize to Ambitai. Surilii asks what. She says go apologize to her. Ambitai says it is not necessary. Shiv says Surilii needs to apologize. Samar says now it will be fun. “I won’t lower my head to apologize to the enemy of this family. I’d rather die than apologize to her,” Surilii declares.

Surilii meets with an accident. Rani Maa talks to the pandit. Ambitai threatens Surilii. Inspector says I’m going to get big information. Surilii leaves. Ambitai lays nails in her path. Surilii meets with an accident.


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