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Agnisakshi 21st March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Jeevika informing Sukanya that on her next visit, she plans on staying longer. She then calls out to Siddhi and they both proceed to the hall where they are joined by Pradeep, who brings ice cream for them. Jeevika mentions that she needs to go and give medicine to Baba, prompting Pradeep to ask Siddhi about her intentions for visiting. Siddhi replies by stating that she wanted to bid farewell before leaving. Jeevika offers to drop Siddhi off and they depart together. Sukanya expresses disappointment at Siddhi’s short stay, while Manohar reminds her of the need to administer medicine to their other family member.

It is in the restaurant that Manas convinces Satvik to speak with Narayan about the Bangalore project being given to Rajnandini. Satvik says he trusts Rajnandini and says that sometimes Papa sees a son in me. Manas insists. Satvik says Papa is getting better now and says to leave it. The bride’s wedding photos are shown to Satvik by Manas, and he says he will consider his decision, since Jeevika is an attractive girl.

She is happy in these pictures, but she is stressed now, says Satvik. Siddhi asks Jeevika if she got married under mismisunderstandings. Jeevika tells Siddhi that she didn’t know this truth before marriage, so Siddhi asks why she did this marriage. Siddhi asks why she did this marriage. She says Satvik told me, but it was my unfortune that I didn’t know. Siddhi tells her to pack her bags and leave. Jeevika tells Siddhi.

Satvik married me for his baba, according to Jeevika, and if the marriage ends now, what will happen to him? Siddhi asks what about your baba and your dreams. Jeevika says she no longer sees dreams. She says if you tell my family about this, I might lose my trust in friendship. Siddhi says I’ll do what’s right.

When the marriage is an arrangement for you, Manas asks why you are concerned. Satvikm says Jeevika takes good care of Papa, as if our marriage was real. Manas says she fulfills the marriage for you, just like you think about her and not about you. Satvik says I know what I should do. Jeevika says you want to tell them for my betterment, but it will be bad for them. If they hear my marriage breaking, they will break down and ask what is wrong with them.

Siddhi says I can’t let your future be ruined, and says I won’t tell anyone right now, but if I think I’ll be telling everyone, I won’t stop. She says they’ll curse themselves and ask what face they’ll show to the neighbors. In her words, you’re with Satvik, believing he’s with you, and still trust destiny. Jeevika says she’ll keep the relationship going even if it’s only for a few months. Satvik says I will keep her happy and won’t let anything go wrong until I am in this marriage.

Lata is told by Narayan that they will give something to Jeevika, which is ancestral, and she asks what about Savitri’s diamond necklace. He says Rajnandini might feel bad if we didn’t give her such a thing. Lata says she didn’t invite you to her marriage. Lata says it’s good and will suit anyone.

Jeevika, Shlok and Adhya are in the kitchen. Juhi taunts Jeevika. She leaves. Aadhya asks Jeevika to call Satvik and ask when he will be arriving? Shlok asks her to call Satvik. Jeevika calls Satvik and asks when he is coming? Satvik says he’s coming and that he’s talked to the lawyer and arrangements need to be made in a couple of days. Jeevika coughs. Satvik is alerted and changes the subject. Jeevika ends the call.

Lata updates Narayan on the current situation, mentioning that Rajnandini has been given both the house and office keys. She expresses her concerns about the possibility of Jeevika obtaining a necklace and assures him that she will retrieve it, but not without difficulty. Meanwhile, Satvik has a conversation with their lawyer, who recalls witnessing a heated argument between the couple and reminds them of their mutual respect and consideration for each other. The lawyer urges them to reconsider their decision before finalizing any papers. After discussing it further, Satvik confirms that they have thought things through and the lawyer begins preparing the documents. As Narayan asks Rajnandini to obtain a diamond necklace for Jeevika, she compliments Jeevika’s taste and simplicity. However, she adds that her sister does not prioritize materialistic possessions. Nonetheless, she promises to give it to Jeevika at some point. Lata interjects by saying it won’t be happening today. In the meantime, Jeevika is in conversation with Swara when she suddenly falls. Luckily, Satvik is there to catch her.


Satvik sees Jeevika confused in the kitchen, so he goes to her and says he is there to help her and she can give him any work she needs.

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