Anupama 18th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 18th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Anupama expresses to Guru Maa that any mother, whether traditional like Leela or modern like Kavya and Kinjal, would prioritize their child over their dreams. She emphasizes that while a mother can adapt to modern ways, she cannot be selfish as it would leave nothing in this world. Reminding Guru Maa of their sacred texts, Anupama points out the importance given to women’s strength and even references how even Lord Shiva needed his mother goddess Shakti. Continuing to extol the greatness of mothers, she hopes that one day Guru Maa will also understand her perspective.

Guru Maa applauds after her lecture and comments on the power of motherhood as the creator of the world and nature. However, Anupama’s mother nature has unfortunately caused destruction in her life, ruining her hard-earned reputation and efforts. Guru Maa questions why she should suffer because of Anupama’s mother’s actions, as she trusted Anupama blindly and put her entire life’s work in her hands, only to be let down. It is clear that Anupama was never fully committed to gurukul and only concerned about her family, whether it was Samar’s marriage, Maya’s illness, or their daughter’s panic attacks. Guru Maa then shifts blame onto Anuj for pressuring Anupama to return by using his daughter’s sickness as leverage.

Anupama explains to Anuj that her decision to return was not influenced by anyone, but rather, her sense of responsibility towards Maaya’s death. She insists on sharing the details and how Maaya sacrificed herself for her. She expresses that if not for Maaya’s bravery, she would have been the one remembered with a garland instead. Anupama believes that if Maaya could give up her life for her, she can surely sacrifice her own dreams for Maaya’s daughter. The weight of guilt has been weighing heavily on her and the thought of something happening to Choti Anu is unbearable. She couldn’t live with that burden and therefore chose to come back. Although she knows Guru Maa may punish her however she sees fit, it was a decision solely made by Anupama. Despite putting in every effort possible, it wasn’t until Maaya appeared that she realized the grave mistake she almost made.

Leela inquires of Maaya. Anupama explains that Maaya was overwhelmed with guilt over the loss of her mother, Bebli. She recalls being on a flight, with memories of her family encouraging her to persevere at all costs. In her mind’s eye, she sees the soul of Maaya appearing and pleading for her not to leave, as Choti Anu needs her. She wonders how Maaya is there. To which Maaya responds that Devaki cannot find peace without knowing Yashoda is with her child. A mother cannot rest until her child is comforted, and she will do anything for her child’s well-being. With tears in her eyes, she implores Anupama not to go through with it.

In order to get her into sense, the airhostess calls her. Barkha claims Anupama saw a ghost. Anupama says Choti Anu’s pleas were echoing in her ears, so she had a panic attack remembering Maaya’s request, so she stopped the flight mid-air and got out of it. Though Guru Maa tries to stop her, she continues to justify her betrayal to Guru Maa.


As Leela states, Malti Devi will do wrong regardless of whether Anupama did well or poorly. Vanraj says it will directly affect them all. Anuj tells Ankush he will not let Malti Devi harm Anupama. Guru Maa thinks Anupama thinks being a mother is her biggest strength, but it’s actually her weakness, and she’s going to attack it.

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