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Prachi leaves her room as heavy winds blow and is struggling to close the balcony door. Ranbir helps her. Prachi says she will do it. She closes the door with difficulty and turns to leave. Ranbir says I know you can do it, but I wanted to help you. He says I know you can do anything alone, but I want to support you. He says he knows you can smile when you’re alone, but he wants to make me the reason that you smile.

He expresses his desire to be the person who holds a special place in your heart and is devoted to you. He would go to great lengths to make you his own. Prachi has always had feelings for him. Ranbir clarifies that it’s not just about her liking him, but he truly wants her to love him back because he loves her deeply. He asks if she will give their love another chance, as she is still the same girl from college whom he adored. He admits that since loving her, he hasn’t been interested in anyone else.

He says I am the same Ranbir who loved you immensely, and whom you loved as well. It is his desire to clear up any misunderstandings and to be with you. He says I want to hold your hand as we walk on every street and say, “You are my only love.” He says this feeling will be like oxygen to me if you are with me. I just want you in my life and ask you if you will love me again. Ashok hears them. Prachi looks at Ranbir and asks why you do this.

As Ranbir and Prachi converse, he encourages her to speak while she hesitates. Ashok, taken aback, starts to leave but accidentally bumps into a table. They rush over to check on him and he assures them he’s fine. Ranbir mentions that they were discussing matters concerning Khushi and himself when Ashok interrupts. Ashok insists they continue their discussion and departs. With Ashok gone, Ranbir offers Prachi a ride to her room and asks for her decision. Prachi decides to give her answer the next day before leaving.

When Mihika thinks about Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship, she cries. When Ranbir reaches her, she says she got thoughts and that it would be wrong to assume, so she’s going to ask him. Ranbir asks her to take a deep breath and then ask him. Mihika says Ranbir…Ranbir encourages her to ask him without fear. She says she has a doubt in her heart and fears that it might come true.

Then Ranbir asks her to ask him, and Mihika tells him she needs him because no one cares for her like he does. She kisses on his hands and says that he understands what you mean, but one thing needs to be understood. We never promised to stay together, we are doing this out of helplessness, we were never in love. Prachi is already in my heart, he says, and even Akshay knows it. Akshay’s and Prachi’s marriage is fake, he says.

It is unclear to him why Prachi is staying with him. If Prachi refuses me, he says I will stay alone, but I cannot marry anyone. Mihika says nobody will care for me like you do. He says anyone will help you like I do, and that I would have helped any girl who was on your place. As he went to fetch water, Mihika cried, saying this was a sign of helplessness for your family.

Abhay and Akshay sat sipping their wine when Akshay suddenly expressed his frustration with Ranbir’s presence in his life. He claimed that ever since Ranbir came, his peace and happiness had been taken away. He clarified that it was not because of any change in Prachi or their relationship, but rather he feared losing her. In a determined tone, he declared that he would do everything in his power to prevent Prachi from leaving him. Abhay questioned Akshay’s insecurities, just as Ashok happened to pass by and overhear their conversation. Abhay then advised Akshay to assert his rights as Prachi’s husband, and seek legal help if necessary if she refused to comply.

Tell her you love her very much when she stops and she will acknowledge it. Akshay says Prachi and I have no relation of right and that I cannot show any rights on her, nor can I have any rights legally either. Abhay says you both are husband and wife, what are you saying? He says Prachi wanted Khushi and I wanted Prachi, so we had a deal between us, just a compromise…

According to him, Prachi was never hiding anything from me and she made it clear that she does not want to marry anyone. As for me, I have always been transparent about my feelings for her and continue to love her even now. Our marriage lacked traditional elements such as sindoor, mangalsutra, and pheras. In fact, we don’t even have a marriage certificate as our relationship was based on an agreement. Abhay questions why I wasn’t informed earlier. Just then, Ashok overhears their conversation in shock. Vishaka arrives and asks Ashok what he is doing there. To which, Ashok reveals that Akshay and Prachi’s marriage is invalid.

As Vishaka leads him to her room, Ashok confesses his disbelief at Akshay’s words. He reiterates that their “marriage” is merely a facade and a business arrangement, rather than a genuine union. Feeling betrayed by the deception, he reveals that Prachi’s only purpose in their household is to maintain custody of Khushi. He regrets not being informed earlier, as he would have allowed her to take Khushi with her. As Vishaka offers him a glass of water, he reflects on how he had welcomed Prachi into their family as a daughter, but failed to see her suffering in this forced relationship with Akshay. Determined to set things right, he promises to speak with Prachi and release her from this fake marriage with Akshay.

Ashok asks Vishaka if Prachi and Akshay have told you anything. Ashok says no. Vishaka says we must remain silent until they tell us. Ashok says neither Prachi nor Ranbir want to marry Mihika. Vishaka says the house will be destroyed if Prachi leaves here. She asks him to let things go as they are going, and to keep silent for the sake of the family. She tells him to calm down and says let them say what they want.

His mind recalls the happenings and he is leaving. Prachi sees him and makes him sit. She says she’ll bring water and make a call to the doctor. Ashok says he’s afraid something bad will happen to this house and family. Prachi says nothing’s going to happen. Ashok says he wants you to be happy always, and he gives you my permission to do anything. Without you, he says, the house will be shattered, and we won’t know what to do.

Prachi says I won’t leave here, I’d have drowned if you hadn’t given me this life. Ashok says I won’t deal with you for that. His phone beeps. Prachi says Pallavi aunty messaged to pick up Khushi. He says Abhay will bring her. She recalls Ashok’s words and says that she was sceptical on the wedding day itself, and her suspicions were right.

She says Ranbir loves Prachi and not me. Vishaka thinks if I tell her they are not married, I would have married Ranbir without Prachi. Mihika cries.

The next morning, Khushi returns home and hugs everyone. Ashok and Manpreet are happy. Khushi explains what she had and how Pallavi took her to the water park. Vishaka says Pallavi can cheer her up. Akshay says I didn’t have a good time without you. Khushi asks where is Mama? Akshay tells her that your Mamma is with her favorite person Ranbir, and she doesn’t miss anyone, not even you, but your Papa missed you. He hugs her.

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