Anupama 17th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 17th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

He warns Romil not to always play the victim card. Because he himself came from an orphanage, he says Romil’s drama won’t work; he should count the blessings he got from a caring father, a place to live, and food to satiate his hunger, and focus on what he can do. Romil says he has to ask permission to breathe in this house. Anuj says he does not need permission to be slapped again. Anupama says they are scolding him for his goodness.

Romil refuses her concern and asks Ankush to stop lecturing him. He insists that Romil apologize to Anuj and Anupama, reminding him to respect them if he plans on staying in their house. However, Romil insists he doesn’t need their favor and will leave. Anupama then points out the potential challenges he may face on his own, such as buying groceries and finding a place to stay. She reminds him that if he has family or friends who can take him in temporarily, they may eventually turn him away as well.

He asks Romil to apologize to Anuj and Anupama and go to his room. Barkha says if he doesn’t want to, she will arrange a cab for him. Ankush insists. Romil apologizes. Anuj asks him to clean up the mess he and his friends made. Akuj apologizes on Romil’s behalf to Anuj and Anupama, telling them he shouldn’t have given Romil his credit card because he couldn’t be a good father to him. Anuj advises him to be careful from now, or else he would be forced to make a decision that no one would enjoy.

In her opinion, Ankush is both Romil’s mother and father and should take care of him more. They will also support him, but Ankush apologizes again. As a result of his wrong upbringing, Bakha says Romil will never change. He recalls Anuj slapping him and believes Anuj and Anupama humiliated him in front of his friends, and he will vengeance them. Anuj and Anupama hope Romil reforms himself.

The following morning, Leela walks into the kitchen and is taken aback by the newly drawn partition line. Kinjal reveals that Dimpy was the one who drew it. Leela expresses that she didn’t mind when Dimpy divided the house, but seeing a physical line now makes her upset. Just then, Dimpy enters and explains that she drew the line to clarify each person’s space. Leela responds by saying that she would rather paint over her fate than on the floor. Dimpy reassures Leela that she doesn’t need to worry about her fate and points out that Leela is currently standing on her side of the line. Kinjal intervenes and leads Leela away from the situation.

As Anuj remains focused on his laptop, Anupama becomes overcome with affection and showers him with multiple kisses. He questions her actions and invites her to sit beside him. Soon after, Barkha arrives with Adhik and inquires about the previous night’s gathering that doubled as a business meeting. Anupama responds positively, while Anuj shares the exciting news of potentially signing a contract with Mr. Talwar. Barkha explains that she, Ankush, and Adhik took care of things during Anuj’s absence and expresses her desire to rejoin the business for some much-needed distraction. Adhik wonders why he wasn’t invited to the event, suggesting he could have handled the negotiations while Anuj enjoyed himself. However, Anuj simply states that he didn’t deem it necessary.

Leela cautions Dimpy that while there may be division in the kitchen, traditional practices will still be upheld. These include removing footwear before entering, taking a bath first, lighting a god’s lamp, and preparing only vegetarian meals. Additionally, Leela reminds Dimpy of the importance of keeping Samar happy. Dimpy confidently replies that she knows how to do so. However, Leela adds that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and that she cannot always serve sandwiches to her husband. Anuj chimes in by acknowledging their successful management of the company and shares financial reports for each month. He can clearly see significant losses in his own business, which was never an issue before.

Barkha still thinks he should have taken Ankush and Adhik for a business meeting even though he knows everything they did and has confirmation from office people. Pakhi walks up to them. Anuj says she did remarkably well in her project and he wants her and Anu to handle it. Adhik walks to his room fuming at Pakhi. He sits on a sofa inappropriately and rudely asks his servant to bring him black coffee. Anuj asks the servant not to do so.


Adhik gives Pakhi a firm slap and reminds her to stay within her boundaries. Anu becomes aware of the incident. Pakhi justifies it as a common occurrence between spouses. Anu firmly states that no one has the right to raise their hand on anyone. Pakhi points out that when she makes mistakes, Adhik handles her, and now it’s her turn to handle him. Anupama argues that Pakhi was behaving rudely and Adhik’s actions are criminal, which can destroy marriages. Pakhi asserts that she does not need lectures on managing relationships because she is still trying hard herself. She also declares that she will not leave Adhik, as it is her final decision.


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