Anupama – Written episode 21st Jan 2023

Anupama written update

Anuj, Anupama, Dimpy, and Little Anu prepared to go to the Sankranti fair. Anupama inquired if their stall was ready and Dimpy reassured her that Samar had it under control. Anuj wished Ankush and Barkha could have joined them, while Little Anu is excited about meeting MaaYa. Dimpy is also curious to find out who this person is. Anuj remarked Shahs are likely to come too since Samar is setting up a stall there as well. Anupama hadn’t considered it and didn’t know about it beforehand. He tried to comfort her by reminding her anyone can attend a fair. Shahs prepare for the event. Leela gave Hasmukh some till laddus which he jokingly declares would break his teeth. Similarly, she gives Vanraj some laddus before Adhik and Pakhi arrived with some presents wishing everyone a Happy Makar Sankranti. All of them felt joyous looking at the till laddus. Samar asked Leela to pack some laddus for Dimpy, who obviously loves them. She told him she’d rather die than offer anything sweet to Dimpy;

Samar says she shouldn’t react when she sees Dimpy at the fair because he and Dimpy are setting up a booth to promote their dance academy.

Toshu strides down wearing a pink blazer. Leela inquires if they are off to play in an orchestra somewhere. He responds that he’s also heading to the fair. Samar reminds him of the plan to dress in traditional attire. Toshu continues his act and discloses his plans to open up a stall at the fair to advertise his business. The family cautions him not to create any more trouble for them. He assures them he will only be doing promotion and nothing else. Leela erupts saying Kapadias will surely be present too if there are any rich guests. She’ll give them ‘an earful’ if they try provoking her. Hasmukh advises her not to say anything. Leela wishes they don’t come into contact with each other..

Ankush and Barkha get into an argument while they are driving to the fair. Ankush gets determined to bring his son to Kapadia house. Barkha fears Ankush will choose his son over her. She calls her lawyer to find out if a child born out of wedlock has a right to his father’s property and how to safeguard her and her daughter’s future.

Kapadias reached the fair and they were warmly welcomed by the organizer. Dimpy went to check on Samar in order to prepare a stall, while Ankush and Barkha joined her. Little Anu was pleased that her wish came true as everyone was present. Ankush made it clear that he’d do anything for his princess. Anuj asked Little Anu not to wander off owing to the huge gathering of people. They were further delighted to hear that MaaYa were also coming, and soon they moved towards Samar’s stall; all of them joyously greeting each other. The Shah family arrived in Toshu’s borrowed car, with a vibrant tune playing in the background.

Samar informs that Toshu set up a stall as well. Anuj says that despite everything that has happened Tosho has not changed at all. Leela fumes at Kapadias and yells that they barge in wherever she goes. Hasmukh tries to shut her mouth but to no avail. Vanraj and Leela decide to avoid meeting Kapadias. Anu wishes to meet Pari. Hasmukh walks to Kapadias to meet his daughter and Kinjal joins him.

As she prepares to take perform in an event at the fair, Mohit gives Kavya advice on how to deal with a crowd, remain professional and not look at her family as she will then start feeling nervous, etc. Adhik and Pakhi meet Kapadias. Barkha gets angry when Pakhi touches her feet. Leela and Vanraj stand far away. Little Anu asks why Nani baa and moustache uncle are not coming, she will go to them. Kinjal asks her to stay there with Pari. Little Anu requests to take part in games.

Leela frowns seeing Samar and Dimpy together. Kavya sends a voice message to Vanraj that today is her biggest day, she is going to give a big surprise, and she wants his support. Hasmukh returns to Leela. She thinks about which surprise she is talking about. Before Kavya flies too high, Leela thinks she needs to cut her feathers on time.

Anu expresses her desire to buy a purple scarf and pearl earrings. MaaYa arrives with gifts for Little Anu – a purple scarf and pearl earrings and informs Anupama and Anuj that she is Little Anu’s real mother.

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