Anupama latest written episode 21st Feb 2023


Written update of today’s episode.

Maaya goes throught the list that she had prepared and asks Little Anu to check if she has missed anything.  Little Anu says that she has missed her Mom.  Maaya explains to her that Anuj and Anupama love her very much but just now Toshu needs attention so Anupama cannot go with her.  Maaya thinks aloud that she agrees that Anuj and Anupama love Little Anu a lot but she too loves her.

Baa is as usual grumbling because Anupama is not at home to look after Toshu.  Bapuji and Vanraj try to convince her that if they are not able to look after Toshu or find his medicines it is their fault and not Anupama’s.  Baa is grumbling that Anupama felt that the picnic was more important than her son’s health

Bapuji tells Vanraj to instruct the family not to call Anupama the next day and disturb her while she is at the picnic.

Anuj comes to Anupama to apologize for his decision to let Maaya go for the picnic in her place but he says he did it only for Little Anu’s happiness.  He knows she will not be able to give her 100% and Little Anu will not understand that.  Anupama says his fears are justified and the next day just as there is no guarantee that there will be problems there is also no guarantee that there will be no problems at all.  She does not want any reasons for fights between them and is happy with any decisions he takes.  She can understand his reasons for his decisions but she is still hurt.  Both confess that they will miss each other the next day.

Kuch na Kaho song is playing the background while Anuj is thinking and Anupama is in another room crying.  Maaya is quietly watching in the background. 

Next day Anupama asks Anu to take care and take lots of pictures.  Little Anu hugs Anupama before going saying that she will miss her a lot.  Maaya expresses her happiness as this is her first picnic with her daughter.  Anupama has packed all Anu’s favourite food as she has problems with eating outside food.

Anupama cannot maintain eye contact with Anuj while they are leaving.  She bids them farewell with tears in her eyes.

Kaaya pushes Vanraj when he tries to hug her in bed.  She says she is in a bad mood because she does not respect him anymore for what he has done to her.  She says she has no feelings for him anymore.  Neither love nor hatred.  Vanraj says that she should not react in such a way for such a petty matter.  She says her career has been ruined because of him.  First the Delhi fiasco and now the modelling assignment.  Now he cannot be her weakness anymore because she has no feelings for him. Baa overhears the conversation and says alongwith Anupama, Kavya has also gone mad.

At the picnic all the kids are playing happily.  Everyone addresses Anuj and Maaya as Mr. and Mrs. Kapadia but Anuj makes it a point to correct everyone that Maaya is not Mrs. Kapadia but only Little Anu’s biological mother.

Maaya tries to go and stand as close to Anuj as possible while they are watching Little Anu with the hula hoop.

At home Anupama is sad while remembering her conversation with Anuj.

After Anuj corrects one more person Maaya says there is no need to keep explaining to everyone that they are not a couple but Anuj insists that everyone should know that they are not together.


Vanraj says that he misses Anupama taking care of the house and says the days were much better then.  Anupama gets very angry and reminds him that she is very happy with Anuj and he should not have such thoughts again.

Chal Kahin Door Nikal Jaaye is playing in the background while Maaya is holding Anuj’s hand, her head on his shoulder and they are both taking a walk

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