Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written episode of 21st Feb, 2023

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Abhimanyu and Akshara are on their bikes and reach at a crossroad together but a lorry suddenly comes in between them. They both turn back and go without seeing each other but feel each other’s presence.

At home, Abhimanyu is worried about eating too much and putting on weight. Abhir also wants him not to eat or else they will not be able to show off their abs. Abhir says his abs are like his Dilwale Sirji. When asked who is Dilwale Sirji Abhimanyu stops Abhir from saying anything.

Roohi has almost finished the bottle of jam. Manjiri says she will ask Abhimanyu to call the jam lady and order some more. Roohi says Abhimanyu says he cannot call the jam lady anymore but she has quietly taken down her number. Manjiri remembers her conversation with Abhimanyu and wonders why he cannot call. She asks Roohi for the number.

Akshara comes home with the peacock feather she found on her way. Suvarna says getting a peacock feather is a lucky sign.

Roohi gives Manjiri the jam lady’s number. Manjiri calls her and hears Akshara’s voice and also the Goenka’s talking in the background. She disconnects the call without saying anything. Suvarna sees the number and realizes it was Manjiri calling. Akshara calls back and sees that Manjiri has blocked her number.

Manjiri now knows that Abhimanyu has met Akshara.

Akshara is giving Manish a head massage. He reminds her that the Birla family will also be attending Suhasini’s birthday party.

Abhimanyu is also back home. He too has found a peacock feather which he carefully keeps on the table. Manjiri comes to him and asks why Akshara has come back. She wants to know why he went to Kasauli and why he did not mention anything about it to her. Abhimanyu tells her that he met her and her family just once and since it was not important and they would not be meeting again he did not think it was necessary to tell anyone about it. Manjiri is worried that the same old pain and the same old troubles don’t come and haunt the family again.

The Birla family discuss about Akshara and her family’s presence at the birthday party. Manjiri refuses to attend the party. Abhimanyu feels that it is not right and for Roohi and Suhasini’s sake, they should all go. After all, it is Aarohi’s maternal home.

Abhir sits with a map of Udaipur and is excited about going out with the family on a Udaipur tour. Akshara misses Kairav while they are taking a family photo.

Abhimanyu takes Manjiri to the mirror to introduce her to herself. He says his mom is very strong. She can face any situation. When he is teaching him to forget the pain and move on she also should be doing the same. He says if it was not for Suhasini’s birthday he too would not have fone there. Very few kids get to be present for their great grand parents birthday and they should not miss this opportunity. Roohi will not be able to enjoy the party without Manjisi so she should accompany them. Manjiri is scared that the family will not crumble again. Abhimanyu finally convinces Manjri to attend the party.


Abhimanyu picks up his present from the shop. Akshara goes to pick up her present from the counter and is informed that her husband has already taken it.

Abhir faints. Manjiri is around and holds him and puts him in the car. Abhinav is running after them.

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