Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update – 16th December 2023: Abhira’s Skills Shine Amidst Family Tensions

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Abhira apologizes that her saree has been opened, but don’t talk about her mother, she taught me everything before she left. Dadi says Ruhi doesn’t have her mum, but she knows everything; your mother didn’t even teach you how to wear a saree. As Kiara recalls Abhira pinning her dress, a man asks Manoj to call a mechanic to fix his car.

As Abhira departs, Dadi remarks that if she genuinely leaves the house, they must ensure she does not return. Sanjay rushes to witness the scene. Armaan intervenes and halts Abhira. As the song “Ye ladki hai” plays in the background, Manisha believes that Abhira may be dealing with some inner turmoil and wishes to put an end to her life. However, Manoj disagrees and points out that Abhira is fixing the car. This brings a smile to everyone’s faces. Kiara also admires Abhira’s calm demeanor as she works on the car—eventually, Abhira requests for the man to start the car and check it. After successfully starting it, the man blesses her and remarks that their elder daughter-in-law will come to their aid when all else fails. He then takes his leave while addressing Kaveri ji.

Abhira recalls how her mother didn’t teach her how to wear a saree but taught her various skills, such as fixing a bulb and gardening. She was grateful for these practical lessons and felt they were more important than learning about household politics. Her mother also instilled in her the strength and self-sufficiency to not become a helpless dependent on others, which she takes pride in. Amidst this conversation, Vidya interrupts, and Armaan orders Abhira to go inside, ending the discussion.

The Poddar family is lucky to have Ruhi and Abhira as bahus; they will be happy with them. Manish asks whether Armaan married Abhira, the resort manager. Surekha replies, “Yes.” He smiles and says that she’s a lovely girl. When I called them for Ruhi’s paghre, I found out about Armaan’s wedding. Did they elope and marry? Manish says no, they aren’t such people. They should have invited us.

Suwarna worries when she hears Manish and Surekha argue. Aryan and everyone praise Abhira for her talent. Kiara says she got scolded because of me, so she gave me her safety pin, which caused her saree to open up. She says she doesn’t care. She says I’ll tell Dadi. Then they stop her and think about cheering up Abhira and Ruhi. Charu says go find the Bhaiyas and Bhabhis. Abhira messes up and says life has become a problem.

Armaan says anger is not a solution to any problem. She told them to explain, but they cursed me and my mum. Why didn’t I respond? He says he isn’t saying anything. It is essential to stay calm and calm down, he says, even if the judge doesn’t allow you to speak, you have to keep your word respectfully, you have to work patiently, keep your word respectfully, everyone has to stand up, but it is not necessary to answer everything. She nods. He slips. She holds him tightly.

She sees the nail marks on his hands. She says you got much hurt because of me. He sees Ruhi crying. Ruhi goes. Abhira gives him an ointment. Ruhi says why am I crying? He promised me only I was there in his heart, Rohit holds her. He smiles and turns to see Rohit. He says, “Just you are in my heart.” Jeena hai…plays…

She says Maasa is calling. He stops her. She leaves. Aryan says come fast, otherwise kulfi will melt down. Armaan asks what. He sees Ruhi and Rohit. Rohit says I understand why Abhira is sad, but why is Ruhi sad? I miss my family, Ruhi says. Armaan tells Krish something, and he says I have never seen you smile. The chorus singers said you were happy in Mussoorie, but I cannot keep you happy. Rohit signs him and smiles. He says, “Ruhi, now you will smile.”

As Armaan takes a hit of helium and sings, Ruhi can’t help but smile. Abhira bursts into laughter while Armaan grins. However, Ruhi’s mood quickly shifts back to sadness. To lift her spirits, everyone enjoys some kulfi together. Later, Rohit mentions that people often leave their chargers and books when they go out, but in Mussoorie, Ruhi left behind her bright smile. He promises to bring it back for her and chase away her sorrows. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Armaan tells a joke, which causes Abhira to smile again. He then reminds her how beautiful she looks when she smiles. Unfortunately, he starts coughing, and Abhira quickly gets him some water. Grateful for her help, Armaan thanks her while Ruhi quietly observes from the side.


Madhav says we’ll keep pagphere. Dadi says Abhira doesn’t have a maayka. Abhira comes to Goenka house. Manish greets her. Armaan asks if you’re okay.

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