Shiv Shakti (Zee) 13th August 2023 Written Update

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shakti tells Mandira that don’t threaten me. I’m Shakti, and I’m a follower of Maa Shakti, Shiv’s partner, and I’m going to stand by him, I’ll be with him. Mandira asks what your relationship is with him? Shakti says you won’t understand. She goes from there. Mandira is worried. Shakti says it’s time to save him. She goes looking for him and Mandira runs after her. She calls Shiv and tells him she needs to talk to him.

Shiv spots her on the road and calls out to her to turn around. Without hesitation, she rushes over to him. Meanwhile, Mandira cowers in fear, hiding from sight. As Shakti reaches Shiv, she stumbles and he catches her before they lock eyes in a moment of relief. Overcome with emotion, Shakti grasps his injured hand and breaks down in tears. Gently wiping them away, Shiv reassures her that he’s alright. Concerned, she scolds him for getting into a fight with the goons. In response, Shiv reminds her that he needed to protect her. But Shakti can’t shake off the guilt of seeing him hurt and implores him to take it easy.

Shiv didn’t need your help to save him. Stay away from him, and he doesn’t need you to save him. She leaves. Gayatri says I wasn’t there, but Shakti was, and she has entered Shiv’s life.

She tells Shiv that she wants him to know something about Mandira. When Manorama and her family arrive, Shakti asks why everyone is crying? Manorama says just go home. Shiv asks what happened? He says Shakti wanted to tell me something. Mandira hides and is worried.

Gayatri tells Padma that Shiv won’t hug her. Padma laughs and leaves. Gayatri prays for Shakti to be with Shiv.

Manorama expresses her gratitude to Shiv for saving Shakti’s life and humbly says she would even touch his feet. Shiv politely reminds her of their age gap. Manorama then mentions their different social statuses- stating that they are a less fortunate family, while Shiv comes from a wealthy background and is also their boss as they work for him at the temple where he is a trustee. She then makes a request for him to stay away from Shakti, while also acknowledging his status and offering him her blessings and respect. She desperately pleads with Shakti to leave with them, unable to endure any further humiliation. As they begin to leave, Shiv watches on with sadness while Ragunath arrives and gives him an intimidating look before leading him away. Mandira smugly remarks that this was quite an entertaining spectacle, but she was fortunate enough not to get caught up in it. She adds that Shakti’s actions had caused her a brief moment of panic but assures herself that she will not allow them to come close again.

Manorama asks Shakti how they could insult us when we saved their son. When you can’t honor my limit, how can I expect anything from others? Shakti says I didn’t cross any lines, God helped me, and Dr. Shiv… Manorama says you won’t mention him anymore, Shakti watches.

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