Agnisakshi 27th January 2023 Written Update


Agnisakshi 27th January 2023, Written Update on

Rajnandini arrives at Satvik. Satvik asks if Papa is alright. She says she wishes she had a magical stick with which she could do anything. Satvik tells her that she’s also responsible for this situation and says I wish Udkarsh and I…Satvik says it’s not my wish that I’m getting married, I’m marrying my papa, and then he tells her it’s for me. Her dream will become mine.

Rajnandini says I should have asked you about Jeevika first, and she says there is no other way out, Papa’s stubbornness doesn’t allow me to think. I think I should have asked you once. Satvik says he would have said no if you had asked me. I won’t ask you why you chose Jeevika for me, but I have a condition. He says marriage would be an arrangement for me.

She becomes conscious and asks Vahini why everyone left without meeting me. Pallavi says you need rest now and says if you speak less it is better for me, then says for you and all of us. She says I told them to go home and rest, and I am enough to care for you. Jeevika asks when I will be discharged, so that I can rest at home. Pallavi says let’s go now itself. Jeevika is just about to stand.

Pallavi informs Jeevika that the doctors have assured her that she will be discharged if everything goes well. She mentions that some doctors were looking for her file, and adds that it is currently with the senior doctor. Jeevika then recalls how even Dada was searching for her file to check for medicines. Concerned about Jeevika’s well-being, Pallavi advises her to take a break from talking. However, Jeevika insists on asking a question, but struggles to remember it. Eventually, she remembers and inquires about the person who brought her to the hospital and where he is now. Surprised by this sudden interest, Pallavi questions why Jeevika wants to know. Jeevika explains that she wants to thank him for bringing her here and saving her life. The mention of this reminds Pallavi of how she had blackmailed Rajnandini and she abruptly stands up from her seat.

Curiously, she inquires how he knew about the incident of him saving her life and wonders if it was because of him that she got into the accident. Jeevika clarifies that it was not his doing and explains how she managed to avoid a collision with him. She mentions how she slipped due to the water on the floor and assures him of his innocence. Pallavi worries that if Satvik’s sister-in-law finds out, she will break off their relationship and disappear from their lives. Hence, she decides not to bring up the topic of the accident or mention the guy involved, as it brought them a lot of pain. Jeevika recalls spotting him and wonders who he was – the one who saved her life.

Satvik explains that he is willing to marry Rajnandini, but he wants her to understand that he is still in love with Supriya. When Rajnandini questions him, he clarifies that their marriage will only last a few months or a year and it is solely for the sake of his father. He also mentions that he does not want any traditional ceremonies. However, Rajnandini disagrees and insists that every girl dreams of a proper marriage. Satvik reiterates that he cannot deceive anyone and admits that he used to value the concept of a happy married life until Supriya entered his life.

Shlok inquires Juhi and Aadhya about the identity of Jeevika. He expresses surprise that they were unaware of her existence, and then suddenly her marriage to Satvik is fixed and everyone agrees to it. Rajnandini stands up and declares that she will inform their father that this marriage cannot take place. She firmly states that no one has the right to mock your aspirations, and admits her concern that this marriage may lead to your downfall. She reassures you by saying she will speak to Papa and try to find Supriya. However, Satvik interjects saying that Supriya intentionally left his life. He sadly comments that Papa does not have any time to spare since his happiness is all that matters to him.

Aadhya says Bhabhi won’t choose anyone without knowing, and says she has to know Jeevika. He says his life is shattered and broken. She says I can do anything for you, Papa and this house, even if it is wrong for others. Juhi coughs and tells Aadhya she must know Jeevika. Juhi asks who is Jeevika and about the girls in their circle. She asks her to think about low standard. Shlok asks if she knows? Juhi says no and leaves.

He realizes his Bhabhi talked about her. He calls Jeevika. She hears him calling her name and says I think anything. She says Vahini is right, I’ll rest.

As Rajnandini and Juhi return home, Juhi questions Rajnandini about why she claimed all the credit for Jeevika and Satvik’s alliance. In response, Rajnandini hands Juhi her credit card and suggests she go shopping. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Juhi leaves the house to go shopping. Left alone, Rajnandini takes a moment to reflect on the gravity of her promise, which affects not only Satvik and Papa but also Jeevika’s life. She considers revealing a secret that could potentially jeopardize these three lives within the next 24 hours. As she contemplates this decision, she remembers that all the threads are in her hands – including Pallavi’s threat and various other factors. Frustrated with Juhi’s inability to comprehend her actions, Rajnandini remarks that if understanding her were easy then even God wouldn’t be worried about it.

Satvik approaches the receptionist, expressing that he did not see anyone in Jeevika’s room. In response, the receptionist informs him that she had been discharged earlier. Grateful for the update, Satvik makes his way to the hospital temple to pray. He reflects on how his mother used to worship there and admits to agreeing to the marriage, but not at the cost of someone’s well-being. Satvik resolves not to make any wrong decisions or hurt anyone else, as he has already caused pain to Jeevika once before. He turns to Bappa for guidance and support. Meanwhile, Jeevika and Swara arrive at the temple, with Swara mentioning that Dr. Megha is absent today and it would have been helpful to speak with her. Jeevika reassures Swara that she is fine and tells her not to worry. Spotting Bappa, Jeevika stands behind Satvik in prayer.


Rajnandini brings Satvik’s marriage proposal to Jeevika’s house. Pallavi tells her family. Rajnandini says she wrote the story. Jeevika says she is not ready for marriage.

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