Anupama 10th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 10th June 2023, Written Update on

Gurumaa Malti Devi observes Anupama and Anuj’s restored friendship and cautions her not to let it become a hinderance in her progress. Curious, Anupama asks for the reason behind her warning. Gurumaa expresses her concern that Anuj might hold her back from achieving success. However, Anupama defends Anuj by listing his many supportive gestures, such as encouraging her dreams, lending his mother’s ghungroo and even entrusting his business to her. She believes he is the one who helped her spread her wings. Gurumaa agrees with Anupama’s view but also reminds her of the responsibilities awaiting after the wedding, as a lot of effort and money has been invested in it. She expects Anupama to handle everything smoothly from tomorrow onwards. Promising not to disappoint Gurumaa, Anupama assures that she will fulfill all expectations. In turn, Gurumaa emphasizes that she must not do anything to let anyone down. Meanwhile, Anuj watches this exchange from afar.

It feels like a family function to Kumar Sanu da, as he has never attended such functions before. Everyone claps for him. Ankush offers him a flower bouquet. Titli meets Anuj and tries to leave seeing him busy. Anupama meets Titli. Titli introduces herself and says she made this flower decoration. Titli praises the decoration.

Titli believes that home decoration is the best type of decoration. She plans to collect money from Anuj at a later time, as he is currently occupied. Meanwhile, Sanu da serenades them with his rendition of “Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana.” It happens to be Titli’s favorite song, and Anupama agrees that it is also her preferred tune. Titli compares the lyrics to two life partners asking each other to enter their lives slowly and stay together forever. Anupama adds her own wisdom, and then Titli presents a bouquet of flowers for her son’s wedding before bidding farewell. As Sanu da finishes his performance, he waves goodbye and departs as well.

Sanu da changed the environment, Dimple says. Dolly says Leela forgot to taunt. Dimple says it’s good he left or else she wouldn’t be able to start her vidaai ritual. He should have continued dancing. Leela says it appears she will dance happily during her vidaai ritual, but she should cry a bit as per tradition. Dolly is asked to serve food to Samar and Dimple by Anupama, who says a bride should feel happy moving into her new house.

Anupama prepares food in the kitchen. Anuj walks up to her and asks what Gurumaa was talking about. She remembers Gurumaa’s warning and says that she was merely mentioning gurukuls. Anuj asks if that’s all. She says yes and asks if he is pleased with her going to America. Anuj tells her he always wanted her to fulfill her dream and she shouldn’t stay back even if he asked her to go. Anupama thanks him and says that she wanted to hear that as sometimes it is very important. He says her point is right.

The vidaai ritual begins for Dimple. She waves goodbye to the Kapadias with tears in her eyes. Barkha reminds her not to forget her words of wisdom. Anuj assures her that Samar is a good person. Leela questions if everyone else is bad and only Samar is good. Anuj silences her and reassures Dimple that she will be welcomed and loved by her new family. He praises his mother-in-law, Anupama, and advises Dimple to learn from her example. Leela suggests that Anupama is showing favoritism towards Dimple while bringing her home, but Anupama defends Dimple and asks Leela not to criticize her. However, Leela vows to teach Dimple a lesson once she becomes a part of the Shah household. Dimpy plans to show everyone at the Shahs’ house what she’s made of. Anuj asks the Shahs to forgive any mistakes Dimple may make and requests Adhik and Toshu to take care of her as if she were their own sister. He also urges Anupama to treat Dimple like her own daughter.

Gurumaa reminds him that Anupama is moving to USA in a few days and he should be ready to farewell even Anupama. Ankush says let’s concentrate on this vidaai for now. Gurumaa leaves with Nakul. Kapadias wave bye to Dimpy, and Anupama gets her into car and looks at Anuj.


During Dimpy’s gruha pravesh ritual, Anupama advises her. Dimpy rudely kicks the rice bowl and enters home. Vanraj asks Kavya not to go. Leela asks why he is interfering. Vanraj says his upcoming child’s mother will live with him.

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