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It is Sai’s belief that Amba understands her words, but Viju kaka has loved her from a very young age, like his own daughter, and she has always seen him help others and never wrong anyone. In showing Bhavani’s photo, Amba says her sister hates her and thinks she has ruined her family’s dignity, and then shows Viju’s photo hidden behind the photo and says that a woman cannot point at anyone like that, because it would defame her as well. Sai is requested never to tell Satya that Viju is his father, she says.

During a flashback, Viju tells young Amba that he will love her for the rest of his life, but he can’t forget his responsibilities to his wife and children. Viju promises Amba that he will fulfill his responsibilities. Amba asks if his family will accept her. He says he will convince them. Sai recalls Virat promising her the same thing, and asks what happened next.

Out of flashback, Amba describes how she waited for Viju in a temple for hours for their marriage, but he never came or picked up her call; she gave birth to Satya and bought him up alone; she doesn’t want Satya to know who his father is. Satya promises that Sai won’t reveal anything to her.

She informs Virat that the police have come to arrest Paakhi. Inspector informs Virat of Paakhi’s actions. According to the inspector, Paakhi has taken loans from two banks and two individual financiers for her business and has yet to repay them or respond to them, despite multiple legal notices. Inspector asks Mohit if he knew about it, but Mohit says no because Paakhi deals with banks. Inspector asks Paakhi to respond.

Virat says Paakhi has been missing for a few days. The inspector informs the constables that she has been instructed to issue a warrant against the company’s other owners Ninad and Omkar. Bhavani stops them. Virat accompanies Ninad and Omkar and says it’s a normal procedure. Sai and Paakhi have made their lives hell, she’s hiding and dumping her problems on them, Bhavani yells.

Saavi, Vinu, and Satya all urge Sai to share a bedtime story with them. Saavi specifically asks for a story from her childhood, while Satya suggests she tell the story of Aabha and Viju kaka, as he felt a connection to him today. Saavi adds that Viju is like her grandfather, or azoba. Meanwhile, Sai silently observes the group. Upon returning from the police station where they were interviewed, Omkar and Ninad express different emotions – Ninad feeling uneasy while Ashwini offers him water and asks if he is okay. Ninad responds that his mental anguish is more severe than any physical pain he may be experiencing.

According to Omkar, the recent turn of events has caused them immense humiliation. They hold Bhavani responsible for entrusting all business responsibilities to Paakhi, ultimately leading them to this situation. Upon questioning Mohit, he reveals that Paakhi used to handle everything independently and he never had a say in financial matters. Additionally, during her last days, she seemed more focused on her personal life than her professional one, causing further disruption. Ashwini suggests that Sai’s return to the house may have contributed to Paakhi’s mental distress. Continuing her usual behavior, Bhavani places blame on Sai for destroying their peace of mind.

In the hospital, Sai wonders if she ought to inform Satya about Viju or not. Nurse Sheetal asks if she is lost in Satya’s thoughts and missing him due to his absence. Sai smiles. Sai asks Sheetal to send the patient in. Viju walks in. Sai asks what he is doing here. Sheetal informs her that a patient is waiting outside for her consultation.

Sai performs his tests and considers whether to question him about Amba since he wanted to see how his daughter worked instead of a doctor at the police department. Viju asks why she is asking this question suddenly. Sai says just like that. Viju says he still awaits one person. Sai asks if there was anyone in his life after his wife left or if he missed anyone.


Virat bumps into Sai and asks if she can ask something from him. Sai tells him she knows nothing is good between them, even so can she ask something.

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