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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 29th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shivank is locked in the storeroom by Dhara. He shouts and asks Prerna to open it. Raavi asks her what Shivank did. Prerna tells her everything and cries. It’s not wrong to arrest him for this, Raavi asks, you’ve been living together for a month, maybe he thought you accepted him as your husband, but you aren’t ready, I’ll speak to him about it.

In her opinion, you are justifying molestation. Arushi says I am going, and her mum locks her inside. Arushi screams and asks her mother to open the door. Suman says you did wrong. Dhara keeps the keys there. Shweta thinks to take them. Suman talks to the family about Prerna and Shivank. Suman asks them to understand why this happened. Shweta says not to get angry, have water. Dhara collides with Shweta.

She takes the storeroom keys and goes. Shiva comes to meet Arushi. The door is locked. He worries. Shivank becomes frustrated. Krish asks when will the reports come. Nurse says sometimes it gets late. She makes him leave. He stays outside and says he must find a way inside. Shweta goes to meet Shivank. He says he knew you would save him. Shweta reprimands him.

She reminds him that she had warned him not to take any action. He inquires about his mistake. She then asks for the truth and questions if it is true that he molested Prerna. He yells at her, accusing her of wanting to control him and confesses to the act, explaining that he did it for both of them since she wants to have fun with Krish. Shweta is taken aback and seeks clarification on his statement. He clarifies his intentions, stating that their plan was for everyone to believe Prerna is pregnant with their child since they know Shweta is not actually pregnant. Krish announces that they will receive the test results today and rushes into a room, causing the patient inside to become scared. Shivank and Shweta get into a heated argument about their actions.

Raavi and Prerna return. Shivank throws a vase. Dhara kisses Prerna. She looks for the key and says I kept it there. Shiva goes to the bus stand and looks for Arushi. Krish waits for the reports. He finds them. He’s shocked. Shivank becomes angry with Shweta. There is no need to teach me, I’m not wrong, no one understands, I’ll do what I want.

Shivank laughs. Dhara says Shweta can never change, I’ll punish Shivank, I’ll hurt Raavi. Shivank says I’m leaving. Shweta stops him and catches his collar. Dhara starts to cry.

As Shivank says to Shweta, I cannot accept what you did with Prerna. She beats him with her slipper. She says this time, I am on their side. She asks Dhara to call the police, and Shivank admits he has molested Prerna. He breaks a bottle and threatens Shweta. Shivank says you have committed many crimes, you have forgotten what you did with Krish, I supported you.

Shivank scolds her and asks her to go and give Gyaan to her mother. Dhara asks Shivank to leave Shivank. Shiva stops the bus and looks for Arushi. Shivank threatens Dhara about killing Shweta. He says I will leave you, but Pandyas will not leave you, support me in fleeing. Shweta asks Dhara to save her. Shivank grabs Shweta and carries her with him.


Suman asks why Krish is happy. Dhara runs after Shivank and Shweta. Krish tells the truth.

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