Anupama 5th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 5th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

According to Kanta, if one loses a relationship, then life gives a new one. She gives the example of Anu. Anupama tells Kanta that she misses Little Anu a lot. Vanraj recalls Adhik’s behaviour towards Paakhi. Kavya spots Vanraj. Vanraj tells Kavya he doesn’t think what she thinks. She doubts Adhik yelled at Paakhi because she is trying to bring Anuj and Anupama closer. Kavya asks Vanraj to leave his madness over Anupama and concentrate on his job.

When Anupama was Vanraj’s wife, he never valued her, but now he wants her back. Kavya cries as she thinks of how much Vanraj hurt her. Anupama remembers Bhairvi and is shocked when she sees her sleeping outside her house. Bhairvi informs Anupama that her uncle has disowned her and taken away her house. Anupama brings Bhairvi to her house. Bhairvi says she will soon leave Anupama’s house. Anupama’s house is like a temple to her.

When Anupama sees Bhairvi continuing her vegetable shop, she gets amazed. Bhairvi decides to earn money in order to survive. Anupama asks Bhairvi for permission to help Bhairvi survive. In reality, Anuj decides to surprise Anupama. He gets restless to meet Anupama. Maya spots Anuj. Anuj is confused as to whether to inform Anupama of his return.

She decides to feed a cold drink to Bhairvi. Bhavesh says Bhairvi is strong. Anupama decides to help Bhairvi. Anupama receives Anuj’s message. She becomes happy.

She decides to cross-check with Anuj until he returns. Kanta advises Anupama not to leave the thought of his return until he returns. Shahs inform Paakhi of Anuj’s return. The Shahs decide to prepare for Anuj and Anupama’s welcome. Leela speaks against Anuj, and Kanta tells Anupama that Anuj is coming back to take her. Anupama hugs Anupama and is happy.

Bhavesh and Kanta make a joint decision to bid a grand farewell to Anupama. Kanta suggests that Anupama select a saree for herself, while Bhavesh proposes to adorn her with flowers. Anupama feels bashful but agrees. She requests Anuj to return soon, as she can’t wait any longer. Anuj assures her that he will be back shortly.

Anupama eagerly awaits Anuj’s arrival while the Shahs prepare for his return. Meanwhile, Maya locks Anuj inside and informs him that he won’t be going anywhere.

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