Anupama 8th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama’s 8th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

In this episode, Ankush arrives at Anupama’s house accompanied by Barkha and Adhik, warmly greeting her family. Anupama responds in kind. Paakhi questions why they came without an invitation. Barkha asserts that they are family members. Paakhi remarks that it’s precisely the issue. Barkha apologizes to Anupama, but Paakhi urges Samar to record Barkha’s performance, expecting her tone to change rapidly like the weather. Adhik warns Paakhi to show some respect as Barkha is offering an apology, to which Paakhi reiterates that it’s precisely the problem.

As Barkha realizes that the Kapadia mansion and the entire Kapadia empire belong to Anuj and Anupama, she asks Anupama to forgive her. The flight of Anuj must have landed by now, so Ankush asks if anyone spoke to him. Samar says Anuj is off on his phone, so the flight may have been delayed.

As Vanraj, Leela, and Toshu arrive, Hasmukh welcomes them and says no one will ruin Anupama’s happiness more than they do. Leela says they’re selfish, but they’d like to share in her happiness. Vanraj says they’d all like to see Anupama happy. Vanraj, Leela, and Barkha are here to ruin Anupama’s happiness, says Kanta.

After calling the airport, Anupama discovers that Anuj’s flight has landed. Everyone congratulates her. Kanta notices Vanraj and Barkha’s superficial smiles. Samar informs Anupama that Anuj’s phone is still turned off. Vanraj thinks he missed his flight, while Hasmukh thinks he lost his phone or is stuck in traffic.

The lights start flickering. Anxious Anu asks it to stop now. Anupama says that if that were the case, Anuj would have called her via someone’s phone and informed her about it. Barkha tries Maaya’s number and says that Maaya’s phone is off as well as Anuj’s.

Barka nervously gulps water as the light gets normal. Ankush tells her that Anupama is nervous, there are no updates about Anuj yet, hope Anuj returns soon, otherwise, Anupama won’t be able to handle herself well. It could be that Anuj did not want to come but just agreed to Paakhi’s request.

As Anupama recalls Anuj’s words, Samar reports that his friend had gone to the airport and informed him that Anuj’s name wasn’t on any Mumbai flight passenger list. Vanraj says perhaps he’s coming on the night flight. Leela says he may not make it.

Anupama loses her calm and insists that she visit Mumbai at all costs. Kanta says maybe something happened and comforts her with her reason. She asks Ankush to drop her off at the airport. Ankush promises to do so. Anupama receives a call from Anuj. As she stands stunned, she asks where she is, she is eagerly awaiting him, etc. Anupama says Anuj may not come forever and that he has decided to move to Mumbai as he feels his happiness is with Little Anu and Maaya.

Anuj’s heinous decision is condemned by every family member, and he is tongue-lashed. Hasmukh calls Anuj to scold him. Anupama disconnects the call and says nobody will call Anuj or confront him directly, nobody will discuss Anuj in front of her from now on. She is asked to return to Shah’s house by Vanraj.

Leela tries to speak. Anupama warns her not to and says she is an independent woman and does not need anyone. She asks if he is not tired of repeating the same thing. From here on, she will live for herself, boasting about her capabilities and nature.


Anupama informs Kanta that Kinjal got admission to Guruma Malti Devi’s Gurukul. Kavya leaves the house warning Vanraj that he will be alone without anyone to support him. Vanraj collapses.

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