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Sarkar and Mahendra check their accounts. Gunwanti walks to them and gives them tea. Jasodha asks where is Meenakshi, she wants to thank her. Meet walks in. Sarkar calls her and gives her 50,000/- for saving his son’s life. She says you valued the life of your son very little, and though she does not like money, she says it helps a poor person survive.

Despite my best efforts, Meet still does not trust me, which is why he took the money. Jasodha gives Meenakshi blessings. Now that I have your blessings, Meet thinks it’s time to find the right person. I was doing my duty, Meenakshi says, and I found the ring. Do you have any thoughts on this?

He takes this ring from Meenakshi and says it is mine. Meet thinks this means she attacked Manmeet. Jasodha says this ring looks like mine. Gunwanti also checks the ring and says this could be mine, I also have the same ring, Sapna also has the same ring. Meenakshi wonders how one ring could have so many owners.

Meenakshi asks who is the rightful owner of the ring. Jasodha says he does not know, but for now, I will keep it. Meenakshi walks away.

Chanda and Meet meet outside the house. Meet informs Chanda that he found the same ring worn by the person who attacked him and Manmeet, but he is unsure about the owner’s identity. Chanda questions why a family member would target both her and Manmeet. Meet expresses his confusion over why someone would attack Manmeet, as he is adored by everyone and bears a striking resemblance to himself.

Sarkar taunts Jasodha for supporting Meet earlier. Jasodha asks the reason for saying such things. Sarkar says he wants to test the nurse and see if Meet sent her to talk with Meenakshi.

As Jasodha prays, he says, “I can’t believe that Meet attached Manmeet to me”. Meenakshi is sitting outside. Sarkar watches over both of them. As a result of seeing the truth in Meet’s eyes, Jasodha says I cannot believe it. Please allow me to meet her so that I can help Meet prove her innocence.

Jasodha knows something about that night, so Meeting thinks it is necessary to meet her. Sarkar says to Jasodha, if she is friends with her, Meeting will definitely try to meet her. Meet stands at the door. Shagun walks to Jasodha and says everyone has a ring with them, so the one you have is mine.

Asodha says no worries, he gives her the ring and asks her to take care of it. Manmeet walks them. Shagun asks him to make her wear the ring. Meeting thinks this means Shagun attacked Manmeet and me. Manmeet asks Shagun to hold her hand, and he asks when she hurt herself. Shagun recalls taking an oath for attacking Manmeet and gives him a fake reason.

Shagun asks Meet to come with her. Manmeet scolds her and makes her wear a ring. She shouts one minute, walks to Jasodha, takes the aarti thali from her and walks to Manmeet for blessings. When Meet marries Manmeet, he took an oath to keep him safe.

Shagun takes the blessings instead. Meet decides that he won’t let anyone harm Manmeet. He walks away, deep in thought. Shagun approaches Manmeet and exclaims, “Remember, you proposed to me today! Let’s celebrate!” However, Manmeet is injured and unable to join the festivities. Shagun acknowledges that it is a special day and suggests performing a prayer in the temple and fasting for Manmeet’s long life. She adds, “Your true intentions will eventually be revealed.”

Meenakshi insists that Manmeet accompany her, and they depart together. Shagun mutters to herself, “I had planned to celebrate with Manmeet today, but this nurse has disrupted my plans.”

Manmeet and Meenakshi in room. Meenakshi says you’ll stay in this room, I’ll get your medicines. Meet says she’ll talk to Jasodha whenever she’s free, she might have some information about Shagun.

The Jasodha says to Sarkar that she didn’t come to meet me. Sarkar says not to rush, she may come later and tell me what you find out. Shagun hears everything. Sarkar says I won’t spare anyone who hurts my son. Shagun tells me Sarkar is also looking for me along with Meet. I know what to do, or else I’ll lose him forever.

The two of them are together. Meenakshi feeds him dinner and says he must eat it. Manmeet thinks we should find out the reason for Shagun’s actions. Meenakshi says she was thinking something.

In my opinion, love means dedication, happiness, and looking after the other person when you are in love. Meenakshi asks if you and Shagun love each other. Manmeet says yes, we do. Meenakshi says if you get to know Shagun, he got close to you by cheating.

It’s not feasible for Manmeet to do that, and even if she did, it would be our final moment together. Shagun enters the room and suggests that she will cook dinner for him. She asks Meenakshi to fetch Manmeet’s medication from the market. Shagun takes the tray from Meenakshi’s hand, and Meenakshi exits the room.

As Meet outside thinks Shagun is trying to do something with Manmeet, Shagun locks the door. Meet asks what should I do next.

We haven’t been together this way for a long time. Manmeet gives her a bracelet. Shagun says it’s beautiful. Meet outside watching them through the window. Manmeet makes her wear it. When Meet discovers that Shagun has attacked him, he believes Manmeet will be destroyed.

In addition to handcuffing Manmeet and asking him to remain silent, Shagun ties his hands to the bed and thinks now she will play a game on him and will hate him more. Meet gets anxious when Shagun blindfolds him and says what are you doing here? Stay away or I’ll get hurt. Manmeet shouts about what happened. Shagun starts throwing things and says “I’ll kill you!”

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